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    Hi all! Just wanted to see if there are any other BCTC applicants out there. I'm getting super anxious about hearing whether I got in or not, and didn't know if anyone else wanted to discuss our waiting time! Best of luck to everyone. 😃
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    I'm doing the same here. I hate waiting. Trying to keep my mind off of it but not much luck...
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    Yeah, Waiting here too! I put in my app. for the RN and LPN program and my RN has been processed but not my LPN application yet. I think we are suppose to know by like the first week in April, but thats such a long time to wait!!!! Im trying not to think about it, but it's near impossible. I dont know what i will do if i dont get accepted, and i know there are only a certain amount of spots for each. I wonder how many applicants they had in total? It's going to be a very long 3 weeks or so. . . . . . . . .
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    Definitely going to be a super long few weeks! I submitted my application super early, so I feel as if I've been waiting forever! Lol
    I heard they had about 500 applicants for Fall 2012, and everyone they accepted had a 3.8 or higher. Hopefully that won't be the case this year!
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    I know there was a lot of applicants, I was up there last week and there were several stacks of packets that looked to be way more than 500. As for the 3.8 gpa thing, I ask the nursing advisor and she said the average gpa was a 3.0. Then she said 3.6 and above was very good and above average for the packets she usually has pass in front of her.
    I don't understand why it takes so long at BCTC, I submitted my packet to EKU for the fall ADN class on Feb 28th and received my letter today, I got in!! Totally wasn't expecting that. Now I'm not sure what I'm going to do IF I am accepted to BCTC.
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    Im not worried about my gpa as much as i am my nln scores. They were average, but not anything to be excited about. I know there are lots of applicants, and i never really thought about applying to any other school. If i dont get in, i'll end up finishing my associates degree in science and transfering to another school and trying their nursing program. I wish that we knew sooner, i have heard that they use spring break to make final decisions... so maybe thats why it takes longer. Im concerned b/c my rn application was processed really quick, but im still waiting for my lpn app. to go through. Congratz on being accepted into EKU nursing!!! That has to be a weight off of you to know that you at least got into one of them!!! The suspence is about to kill me
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    Congrats on being accepted to EKU! I would say that even if you get into BCTC to go to EKU. They have better NCLEX pass rates.
    I'm definitely more worried about my GPA. I've got a great GPA for the pre-reqs(including classes I took at UK like English and bio) but my GPA from my bachelors degree is lower than I would like due to the animal science classes i took for the degree, making my cumulative GPA a lot lower. My NLN scores were excellent, so I'm not as concerned with that though. I've talked to my husband and if I don't get in, I'll just take the 3 pre-reqs I have left for UK's and EKU's 2nd degree BSN programs and apply for their spring 2014 programs.
    Good luck to everyone. I think it takes so long because (from what my advisor told me) they have to run all applicants through the nursing department board so they can decide. I also think they may be pretty unorganized with hinders the process too.
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    Congratulations on being accepted to EKU's ADN program. I remember when I go accepted into nursing school (St. Catharine College) it was such an achievement. If I were you, I'd look and see if EKU has a RN-BSN program. If so, I'd also find out if you can take classes (electives) that would count for any of the BSN credits. It may make getting your BSN a more smoother process--if you're aiming to get your BSN.

    I'll be starting University of Louisville's RN-BSN program this August and I still have to take Human Nutrition, Statstics, and a sociology course. I can either take them this summer OR take them while I'm in the program. So I would just see if you could take those and get them out of the way so you wont be like me and having to worry about them whenever you go to advance your education.

    Anywho, best of luck, and study hard!

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    @logoleeRN, I'm actually from just outside of Springfield! Small world isn't it?
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    Congratulations on being accepted at EKU!!!

    I am waiting for my application to BCTC too. I wasn't accepted at EKU due my 72% English vocabulary (English is not my first language, and it is required 75%). They asked to try again next Spring, 2014. However, I am happy that I got 72%. I never studied English before and I am living in the USA since 2011. I am still learning... Overall, my HESI score was 83%... English vocabulary is really hard to me, I tried to memorize 800 words.

    I have a degree in Veterinary Medicine from Brazil, and I was surprised that my GPA from there was compared to an undergraduate here. First of all, we don't have a credit system like the USA. Plus, the grades are not relative to the class. I mean, I got a C in Veterinary Surgery and it was the best grade in class! Everyone else failed. So, sadly, my GPA is not very good either.

    Unfortunately, I am not sure if I will get in any program now. :/
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