BCTC Fall 2012

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    I decided to start a thread for the Fall 2012 BCTC hopefuls, like me.

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    Moved to KY Nursing Programs forum for more of a response.
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    Good luck! I applied for admission too=) Did you apply to cooper campus or lawrenceburg?
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    sorry duplicate post...
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    I applied to Cooper. I live in Winchester and Lawrenceburg is more of a drive than I care to make every day. How about you?
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    Hey, I am also trying to get into BCTC in the Fall. Applied at Cooper and live in Richmond. Can't stand the waiting it's killing me!!!
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    I applied to Cooper as well and can't wait to hear something...
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    Yeah, I applied to Cooper AND live in Winchester, as well! T agree about the drive. I'm dying to hear something. My file was posted to MyBin last Friday and I'm hoping my GPA recalculation request will be approved and posted later today or next Friday (Nathan says it takes 1-2wks after the file is complete and entered into mybin and they only process the recalculations on Friday). I turned my app in on the 6th and I'm sure people were turning them in up to the final hour on the 15th. So by the time they get them all entered into the system, and process requests--I'm thinking it'll probably be the end of March before we hear anything..
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    Good-luck!!! I feel your pain
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    Results are posted prayandhope... I hope you got in! There is another thread with fall 2012 nursing students=) Goodluck

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