Anyone starting the CNA classes on February 9th, 2012 at the Red Cross in Louisville?

  1. I have just registered for the 02/09/2012 to 03/07/2012 CNA courses provided by the Red Cross in Louisville, KY. I was just wondering if maybe anyone else on here will be attending those classes as well. Maybe I could make some friends around here considering I am from Florida and got moved to KY for military reasons. Here is hoping! Maybe I could get a study buddy or something along those lines.
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  3. by   koukla0904
    Quote from mvitiello
    i have just registered for the 02/09/2012 to 03/07/2012 cna courses provided by the red cross in louisville, ky. i was just wondering if maybe anyone else on here will be attending those classes as well. maybe i could make some friends around here considering i am from florida and got moved to ky for military reasons. here is hoping! maybe i could get a study buddy or something along those lines.

    hello! i'm not from kentucky, but new jersey and i grew up in florida
    i will be starting classes feb 6th. it would be great to have someone to discuss topics with. good luck!
  4. by   MVitiello
    I grew up in Florida as well! What part of Florida are you from? I would love to have a study buddy/friend to compare notes with! That would be freaking awesome. Im new to this site but I guess you could message me and we can correspond back and forth and hopefully become good friends. Being a military wife and all and limits my ability to make good friends, plus most people in this day and age only worry about them selves and are at the drop of a hat screw over anyone just to get something that benefits them. Oh well, such as life I guess. Thank you for wanting to compare notes and be my friend, means a lot to me.
  5. by   koukla0904
    Np, it would be nice to know I'm not alone and have someone to " chat" with.
    I'm sure it's been hard for you with moving to a new place and not knowing anyone... plus, finding good / real friends is a hit or miss. Are you newly married? I'm sure once you start school you'll make some new friends. Same for me too!
    I'm from St.Pete, been up north now for 13 yrs. I really miss the beach!
    I don't know about you, but I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm looking forward to starting this new chapter in my life. I'm going to school at night for 11 weeks because I'm a stay at home mom. How about you?
  6. by   MVitiello
    Well I have been married for two years as of November 23. We dated for about 4 years before we got married, no kids as of yet. We honestly can't afford them right now, and I dont want to bring a child into this world until I can provide everything for it. I grew up in Bradenton,Palmetto, Sarasota, Anna Maria Island area, about an hour or so from Tampa. I agree with you on the beach thing, man I miss the beach so much!!!! Well my name is Mercedes I have one cat and one dog. My goal is to become an RN. So I figure getting my CNA would be a great way to just get my foot in the door, sort of speak, in the medical industry. I have recently finished Pharmaceutical Technician classes and will be taking the exam on February 6th, then after that to CNA class I go! I am so excited! Im a very down to earth person, I dont believe in drama, talking about people behind their back or anything like that. I figure if I have a problem with someone or an argument or what not I am going to go to the actual person and try to resolve it instead of gossiping about it.

    Tell me about yourself!!
  7. by   koukla0904
    Starting as a CNA is a great way to start. I have a family full of RN's and they all say it will give me an idea whether or not nursing will be for me. It was either this or beauty school, lol! I was reading your other post in regards to LPN, I was thinking of doing the same thing, but my family tell me LPN is not worth it your better off going straight to RN. I was only thinking LPN for myself because I have not college and I have three kids and it would take me prolly 4 yrs doing schooling part time. I also heard that hospitals are phasing out LPNs. It's all so new to me too so, I'm just taking one step at a time. I would love to be in a hospital, but if I get hired at a facility first I'd go for it just for the experience. Are you becoming a Pharm tech so you will be able to give medicine? Is that the same as a Med tech? How do you like it, is it hard? I was thinking about also going for phlebotomy. My friends hubby can get me a job really fast, they are in demand here, but I need a job for evenings.

    About me... My name is Kathee, I'm SAHM of three boys 12, 10 and 3, married 13yrs. Times are getting tough so, time for me get back into the work field and help out the hubby. I was a fitness instructor for a while, but doesn't pay well.. I love helping and being with people. Figured nursing would be a great field for me. Well, sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders! I think you will do great!!!
  8. by   MVitiello
    Well I have heard that going straight to RN from CNA is a better decision but like you, I dont have the time or the money to go to college for 4 years. I figure if I can manage to get a facility to help me achieve my LPN in a year then I would be set. Decent money, something I enjoy, and its easier than trying to do college, married life, a job, and military life. I take the state exam for Pharmacy Technician on the 6th of February. My original plan was to be a pharm tech but all the job offerings around here are about 30 or so miles from where I live. So a 60 mile commute would be insane, the money I would be making would all go to the gas to get there! Everything in the pharmacy tech class I took was relatively easy, but I enjoy the medical field and information so it comes easy to me. It took me 6 months to complete it all, now all I need is my state certification on the 6th. I figure any type of job in the medical field should have job stability, considering people are always getting sick and what not.

    Can't wait till we start the CNA classes and compare notes. I am so excited. I just registered to take the CPR/First Aid/AED course through the Red Cross as well, I do this on 01/28/2012. Its a one day course so when I complete it that Saturday afternoon I will have that knocked out. I heard that most places want you to be CPR certified when they hire you, even if you have your CNA.
  9. by   koukla0904
    The CPR is a piece of cake, you'll do fine. I had to get certified when I became a fitness instructor, but I let it expire. Now, I'm wondering if my school will cover that or if I have to cover that on my own. I think we both have the same plan/ idea in mind. I have been watching videos on youtube to get some ideas on what we'll be learning it does't look to.difficult.
  10. by   MVitiello
    I figured the CPR class should be easy, but I might as well knock it out now while I have nothing better to do. Plus I will already have it when I become a CNA and then it will be another thing to add to my resume! I'm anxious and excited at the same time for everything that is coming in February. Hopefully I will be able to make some friends where ever I end up working, although I have heard its not always a good thing to make friends with the people you work with due to drama,rumors,etc. But it sucks when my husband goes and hangs out with his Army buddies on a Friday or Saturday night, and I get to sit at home with the cat and the dog yeah know. Plus trusting people in this day in age is so hard. I mean I had a friend that I did everything for; lent her money for gas when she had none (didn't even want her to pay me back, thats what friends are for) gave her food when she had none, came over to her house and took care of her while she was sick, cleaned her house, bought her a Beta fish with the bowl, gravel, food, and everything since she wasn't allowed to have cats or dogs, while her husband was overseas I helped take some nice (xxx) photos of her so she could send them to her hubby (My hobby is photography, I love it!). Then after all that she completely screwed me over, made lies about me to make her flaws better and blamed her drug addiction on me. When I was the one trying to get her sober. Anyways, I'm ranting now. I just wish friends were easier to come by and trustworthy, so you didn't feel like you had to constantly watch your back.
  11. by   koukla0904
    It's okay to rant, everyone needs to vent once in a while.

    Doesn't your hubbys friends have wives you can get together with? Maybe invite them over for a ladies night since the men are all together?

    To be honest, I have one handful of friends and most of them live in FL. I talk with them all once or twice a week. I live in the town of the housewives of NJ and to be honest, I don't care for most of the women here.. I keep to myself, but have a few who I talk to once in awhile. Many of them give me crap about being a young mom! don't know why they care... It's all about what car you drive and how much money your hubbys makes and how big your house is. At the end of the day it's my hubby and kids, that matters most to me.
    I heard that nursing is very political. You just have to grow thick skin and use the right judgement in who you converse with and not get walked all over on.
  12. by   MVitiello
    Hes in the same boat as I am, most guys in the Army like to get wasted and hang out in bars, which he only does on occasion since its expensive and boring after a while. Most of the Army wives spread rumors like there is no tomorrow. Drama, drama, drama. I hate drama so I avoid it, but doing so alienates me from having friends.
  13. by   koukla0904
    Well, I'm glad you mentioned the CPR certification. Just called my school and they do not cover it! Thanks for the heads up! If it wasn't for your post I would have thought that they would cover it! I tell ya, $950.00 for this course and I still have to pay for scrubs and textbook! What about you? What are they charging you?
  14. by   MVitiello
    [font=helvetica neue]it costs $650 dollars which includes my work books, blood pressure kit, and criminal background check. what it does not cover is the tb test, uniforms (red scrub pants and a white red cross shirt), white shoes, and then the state testing fee. for kentucky my state testing fee is $75 dollars which really isn’t too bad. i'm so glad i could help you out with the cpr thing. [font=helvetica neue]in the 75 hours of training you get 59 of them are spent in a classroom and 16 are in a clinical setting. i am doing the monday, wednesday, and thursday classes from 8:00am to 4:30pm, the entire course is 11 days. is that the same for your courses?

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