Anyone going to WKCTCS and could give me a heads up??I need help!

  1. Hey guys it's mimi.b-
    I have applied for the fall 2009 semester of nursing at West Kentucky community and technical college. I'll find out in about 2-3 weeks whether I got in. If i didn't, i still have two general education classes to take (writing 2 and developmental psych) so it won't be to bad if i have to wait a semester. I have 2 kids and I work as a CNA, and i live in Princeton (50 minute drive). Just some background(not that anyone cares!)
    my question is- what can i expect as far as WK's nursing program goes? Or is anyone else here applying to there? I meet all kinds of people in my classes who are pre-nursing majors, but i don't know anyone who applied for the fall, or anyone who is IN the program so any help would be appreciated!
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  3. by   TNMommy
    Are you talking about the Bowling Green Comm. College? If so, I applied for this coming fall. I just received a letter in the mail that I have been selected to go for the interview process. Have you gotten a letter? I was just wondering what to expect from the interview.
  4. by   SHW129
    I hope you get in!! I am in my first semester of nursing now and wow, be prepared to study from day one. If you do get in, my advice is get english and dev psych done this summer online and save some gas money. Nursing is expensive. Good luck. I am also at WKCTC.
  5. by   TNMommy
    I have all of my science and general ed courses already done. All that I will have is the nursing courses to do. What was the interview process like?
  6. by   SHW129
    I didn't have to do an interview. I had to attend one of several conferences held on campus and then they select applicants by scores.
  7. by   greeniebean
    All i have is the nursing classes after this semester. i'm applying to the spring!
  8. by   cjw2006
    TNMommy, I also went to an interview for Western Kentucky's Community College (Bowling Green Community College) the last Saturday in March. How do you think you did? This is the week we will be finding out if we are accepted or not, I cross my fingers for an acceptance! Do you recall if the lady giving out information at the beginning said how many they were accepting? I thought she said only 50, but the lady in the interview said 50 for bowling green and 20 for Glasgow, totaling 70. Do you recall? That has had me confused, because they said that out of 170 they were only interviewing 98. There is a big difference in accepting 70 out of 98 and 50 out of 98--it really changes the odds. Any how, good luck to you. Let me know if you hear anything.
  9. by   TNMommy
    I haven't heard anything yet, but I got a letter from Columbia State CC last week saying they accepted me. I have been going over and over again on what to do if I get into Western also. I am leaning towards Columbia State because it is 20 minutes closer, I would be going 3 days a week instead of 4, and it is $2000 less than Western. As far as the interview, I think I did fairly well. I believe that everyone at the interview were from both campuses. So 70 out of the 98 there will be accepted. I think that is pretty good odds. You don't know who is from Glasgow and who is from Bowling Green, but still I think that it is good odds. By the way, what group were you in? I was in group 4. How do you think you did?
  10. by   cjw2006
    I was accepted at Bluegrass in Lexington as well, but I'd like to go to western. I was in group 4 also, at the 1045 meeting.
  11. by   cjw2006
    Correction: I was in group 4 at 9:45 am for the interview process, not 10:45.
    I checked my mail today and found out I got accepted at the Bowling Green Campus~~~~I am super excited.
    TNMommy~did you hear anything?
    Finally, I get to do my happy dance!
  12. by   greeniebean
  13. by   TNMommy
    I got in also! But, I think that I am going to go to Columbia State CC in Franklin, TN. I just checked the class schedule for both schools and WKU has you going 4 days. That is alot of driving for me. I was all about going if it was the only school I got into. The cost is also way up there. For tuition alone, it would cost $17,520 for all four semesters at WKU versus $5000 for Columbia State. From the looks of the schedule, I would have no down time to study and have time with my family. At least at Columbia State, I would have Mondays and Tuesdays to study more and spend time with my family. My only concern is if I am passing up a great program versus a mediocure one. Have you heard if WKU's program is one of the best?

    Anyway, good luck and I hope you have a wonderful time.
  14. by   cjw2006
    Congratulations on which ever program you choose. I guess it kind of depends on what you are comparing it to. Their pass rates are about the same when it comes to their boards. That is really the only thing I know to compare. Personally, I have heard good and bad things about different nursing schools in Kentucky~the only one I personally have experience with is Spencerian (which is a horrible school!). All I know is that you have to do what best for you. Statistically~there isn't much of a difference. And, nursing school is demanding enough, so eliminate as many stressers as you can, if you can. Money, location, and drive time are all important factors to consider~especially if you have a family!

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