2008 KY RN/LPN license and ARNP registration renewals

  1. for those ky nurses that aren't in the bon email listserv:

    dear kentucky licensee,
    this message contains information for renewing your ky nursing license. your cooperation in sharing this email with co-workers and colleagues is greatly appreciated.

    the 2008 kentucky nurse license renewal period is july 1 through midnight october 31, 2008 (edt)
    effective with the 2008 renewal cycle (july1 -october 31), kentucky nurses will be notified of license renewal dates through their e-mail of record, notification to stakeholder organizations and the kbn connection. renewal postcard reminders will no longer be mailed. nurses who have not given kbn a valid e-mail address may do so at http://www.kbn.ky.gov/license/addchg.htm with the assurance that kbn does not distribute e-mail addresses to third parties.
    as in the past, licensees will initiate online renewal using the last four digits of the social security number, the license number and the date of birth. a detailed description of the renewal process can be found on the kbn website www.kbn.ky.gov and in the summer edition of the kbn connection, which will be distributed in mid-july. all licensees are encouraged to maintain a current email and mailing address with kbn.
    also, kbn has been notified that all state-sponsored (ky.gov) websites will be closed for 24 hour maintenance on july 12, 2008.
    kentucky board of nursing migration to a cardless licensure system
    beginning june 1, 2008, the kentucky board of nursing will begin a migration to a "cardless" licensure renewal system. nurses who renew their licenses in the upcoming july 1 through october 31 renewal period will be issued a newly designed, permanent license card. after the 2008 renewal period those nurses being licensed by examination, endorsement and reinstatement will be issued the newly designed, permanent card.
    the new license card will display the nurse's name, license number, licensure type (rn, lpn, arnp, sane), and original date of kentucky licensure. the license expiration date will not be displayed. this new system encourages employers to use the kbn web site to validate that a license is current, valid, and clear of disciplinary action. the kbn web site validation is considered primary source validation.
    this move to a cardless system of licensure is further commitment to kbn's mission of public protection. with increased reports of lost or stolen license cards and cards never received in the mail, kbn takes this action to reduce the risk of fraud and impersonation of kentucky's licensed nurses.
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