Select Specialty Hospital in Kansas

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    I hope this is in the right forum.....Does anyone have any info about this hospital?? It's a "hospital in a hospital" as it's actually inside of the Overland Park Regional hospital...but I don't know anything else about it. Anyone familiar with it??


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    Not familiar with the particular Kansas facility. Select Specialty hospitals are long term acute care hospitals (LTACs). Some are free standing and some are in leased space of an acute care hospital. More and more are free standing. LTAC is a level of care (LOC) that is appropriate for medically complex patients who require a hospital LOC over a longer period of time. An example of a patient who requires an LTAC is one that has a major surgical procedure with complicated postop course. Ends up with a trach and needs vent weaning, enterals, IV antibiotics and meds, dialysis secondary to acute renal failure and wound care, along with OT,PT and ST. Rehab will be lengthy and care needs exceed what can be provided at a SNF or acute rehab, though does not need to remain in acute care. Type in Select Specialty in search engine and will bring up their website. Kindred and Regency are also corporations that own LTAC hospitals. Check out their websites for more information regarding LTAC LOC.
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    I know Overland Park Regional by reputation only--word on the street is that they are short staffed and have high pt-nurse ratios. They are part of HCA which is sort of a corporate giant and a nightmare for nurses from what I've heard (and experienced as a tech and unit secretary).

    Sorry I couldnt be of more help or more positive. I would say talk to some nurses that work there before you accept anything! Best wishes!
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    Moved to Kansas forum for more specialist input.
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    I worked for the Select in Topeka which is the top floor of St Francis Hospital. A couple negs on the place was that the patient load is high and they are tipicaly heavy patients. You get vents and isolations and stroke patients a lot. The census also changes a lot so they may not have enough patients and you get called off. This din't happen to me much but the do also use a lot of agency nurse, and I know that is both in Topeka and Kansas City. I can say that I learned a lot there but I would say it was a very emotionaly hard place to work.
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    It leases a floor of the OPRMC building, but is a separate hospital. I, too, worked at OPRMC but not for Select so I can't tell you more.
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    I have heard the same as well for the one in Wichita...
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    I oriented at Select inside OPRMC via an agency. I signed up for 2 shifts there, but was cancelled both times. Yes, they do use quite a bit of agency. It is true that the patients are longer-term, not quite "acute", but not quite "skilled". Select had decided about 4 months ago not to use the RX within OPRMC. I didn't work there after that, and don't know how that worked out for the staff or the patients. I didn't feel comfortable working there.
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    All I know is that I would be scared to let any loved ones recieve care there simply b/c we get several pt's from them who have been neglected. One pt had a stage four ulcer the circumference of a grapefruit and apparantly select services had not even realized it was there until it was a stage four. Just one example for ya.
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    Their ads are always on the Time Warner community channel.
    Apparently, they have a real problem keeping nurses,,,that's a BIG RED FLAG in my book.

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