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  1. Just an FYI----- I was browsing other boards and came across a message saying that Northwest Technical College (don't have the web address) and Deaconess College (this either) offer online LPN courses. I haven't checked either out, maybe someone else has?
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    Thanks greer128 for the quick response!!!I'll have to check them out, now that I know where to go---
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    Dawn, please tell me that you managed to locate a course (no luck with above web links!)...i'm going crazy here (in fiji!) trying to find an online LPN course so ANY info would be greatly appreciated.
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    This thread is 4+ years old; you should try the main student forum. The only online programs I am aware of in this state require clinical time in the state; you may be able to find something else, though, or more thorough information in the student distance learning forum.

    Good luck!

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    Please someone help,

    I know this is the impossible but I truly am looking for an online LPN program. It really is impossible for me to attend a normal day/evening class because I have a disabled vet. My husband is disabled and I'm tired of being a secretary. I really want to do more for our daughter's future but not as a secretary. Any help, please!!!!
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    I don't think that there is an online LPN program? Anywhere.
    It wouldn't even be possiable because of all the clinical hours that are required for an LPN license. You have to have actual experience to get an LPN license, and can't just do the coursework.
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    The state of Kansas requires clinical hours to get an LPN or RN license. So any on line class would be online in classwork only, and still require clinical time.

    Who takes care of your vet when you are at work? Could work time not be used to go to class? Have you explored your financial aid options? I would think being married to a disabled vet, and especially if you don't have a degree already, you could get some pretty good financial aid. If you live in a rural state, there are programs to pay off your student loans if you work in a need area (ie a rural area).
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    I know that there are LPN/RN and BSN online programs and the ones I have heard of contract with Dr's and agencies in state for clinical time. Even though its online that doesn't mean that you don't get clinical time. Keep looking.
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    Here's the quick and dirty on this subject:

    If it isn't on this list, don't go. Period.
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    I've never heard of an online LPN program
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    my friend is currently enrolled in an ONLINE LPN program. The school is based in Cebu, but since they also offer the LPN program online, most of their students are outside the Philippines. Try checking this website out.. PHILIPPINE PARAMEDICAL AND TECHNICAL SCHOOL - CEBU: Login to the site. he was even quite impressed with schools curriculum since they have IV training and bio terrorism which is not even in BSN courses. I hope this will help you a lot..