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  1. WillPRNForFood

    Online LPN

    Here's the quick and dirty on this subject: http://ksbn.org/cne/nursingschoolst.pdf If it isn't on this list, don't go. Period.
  2. WillPRNForFood

    Help on Kansas RN program

    If you already have a degree, you may want to check out a BSN program rather than an ADN program - KU, for example. KU obviously has many more prereqs, but if you already have those done, you might as well spend two years getting a bachelor's rather than an associate's. Sure, the pay is the same for an entry level floor nurse, but you'll have more opportunities down the road if you pursue management or further education. www.ku.edu search for nursing and check out their prereqs. If that isn't a possibility for you, your best bet is probably JCCC. They seem to have the highest NCLEX pass rate. You can find pass rates for all the schools on the KSBN website: http://ksbn.org/cne/multiyearpassrates.pdf And here is all the different nursing programs approved in Kansas: http://ksbn.org/cne/nursingschoolst.pdf That should keep you busy for a while.
  3. WillPRNForFood

    JCCC LPN-RN Transition

    i am currently in an lpn program and am applying to jccc's bridge program. can anyone tell me what the 3rd & 4th semester schedule is like? third semester classes are (1) children, (2) childbearing family, (3) sociology, and (4) micro. sociology and micro can obviously be taken online, but i'm curious what the schedule is for the other two classes. for example, is it two days of clinicals and two days of classroom time? is it monday-friday 8-5? can any jccc grads or students answer this question for me? i am also curious about 4th semester schedule because i don't need the electives, just complex pt care mgmt (9 hour class). the reason i ask is because i live about 70 miles away from campus. i'm weighing jccc against other schools that are closer but won't allow me to bridge straight through in the same year (extra classes, work exp requirements, etc). trying to decide if it will be better for me to commute further and get it out of the way, or just wait for another school. thanks!
  4. WillPRNForFood

    New RN Program In The Works

    I just enrolled in FHTC's LPN program for this fall and was pleased to learn that they are in the final stages of approval for an ADN program! The LPN/RN programs will be set up similar to Neosho's "1+1" program, where you take LPN boards at the end of your first year and then go on to earn your RN in the second year. I like this kind of setup because it allows students to make a little more money during their second year of school. For a lot of broke nursing students like me, this will come in quite handy! If they get all of the board approvals and accreditations that they need, they will enroll their first class of RNs to start in Fall 2010. Woo hoo!
  5. WillPRNForFood

    JCCC applicants

    I didn't make it either. I can't believe it. I had a 28 on my ACT and all prereqs were A's and B's. Plus, I rocked the interview. It blew my mind when I got the "you suck" letter in the mail! How do you know your place on the waiting list?
  6. WillPRNForFood


    I am tinkering with the idea of taking Micro through EduKan. Does anyone know if the class will transfer across to KU? Or maybe Baker?
  7. WillPRNForFood

    JCCC applicants

    I interviewed and felt like it went very well. I have yet to receive an acceptance letter, and I'm getting more anxious about it every day! It irks me a little bit that enrollment opened up on Thursday, but the nursing students don't have letters yet. All the good classes are going to be gone by the time we know whether or not we should enroll (talking specifically about Anatomy and/or Physiology here).