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Anyone here taken any classes with EduKan? I want to enroll in a microbiology course. Thanks in advance.... Read More

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    Hi guys, this will likely sound like a silly question, but so many online programs differ on this (some of have streaming video, self-directed study, etc.). Does edukan (specifically the microbiology and a&P courses) have streaming lectures in addition to the assignments?

    Thanks guys!

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    my classes still say pending!!! my financial aid went through...dont know what the hold up is...
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    is anyone else really CONFUSED... I was told there wasnt an on campus lab...but when i log into the class it says there IS an on campus lab????!!!
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    are you good now.,?

    in the class?
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    can you receive financial aid for classes through edukan?
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    I really do not know if you could receive assisstance from EduKan........CHECK their website. I'm pretty sure they will have that information posted. I"m sorry that I was not a help to you.
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    Hi!! who did you take micro. with??? did you take all the tests on line? thanks
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    Has anyone recently taken chem II through edukan? If so, how did it go? Any thoughts good or bad appreciated.
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    Luli726- Did you end up taking any Edukan classes? Which professors did you take and who would you reccomend for A&P I and A&P II as well as Developmental Psychology? Thanks so much for your input!
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    I was looking at taking AP II this summer and the instructors are Lee and Pfeifer. Any input is greatly appreciated. Also i was looking at taking Chem II. Wondering if someone still has any of their materials ex labs, quizzes or exams from them. Email me at Thanks! any advice/input is welcome!!

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