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First off.. Hi. This is my first post. Great site.. I have already found alot of answers to questions I had. I have been an a audio engineer/producer for the last 9 years and making a necessary... Read More

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    No you are not too old. I am 46 and just completing my BSN but I started in nursing as an LVN in 1984. Just get started.

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    After being a bookkeeper for 20 years I decided to finally pursue my nursing degree. I have to work 3 12 hour shifts a week to keep the family insurance and attend school in the afternoon. Like someone said, not fun, but doable. I'll be 40 this year!!!
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    Nope, not too old. I graduated at 41 and had a classmate who was 55. Go for it!
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    My aunt got her RN nursing degree when she was 53, but she was in great shape and mentally shaper than most her age. Cousins all went for it in their 40s because of my aunt.

    I agree maturity and experience lends a lot to getting through the nursing program.

    I give the youngins kudos. I'd hate to be going through nursing in my early 20s.
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    I definately dont think your too old. I graduated LPN school 2 years ago and we had people men included from ages 18 to 62, your never too old.
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    You are certainly not too old! One of my classmates is a 55-year-old grandma!
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    Old. Heehaaheehooohahahahahaha!

    I want back at 52. You're too old when you're dead.
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    First off If your old then i should be dead by now!!
    I went to school for the 3rd time at the age of 26
    I ended up as a Rn at 28 A few years back any way
    there were only a few male nurses at the time and one
    of them was a daily study partner and became a good friend
    I think that nursing is changing and males are needed I think the more men we have in the field I think the salary will have to increase to
    I have been an Rn for 17 years (quit counting) and the salary really hasnt changed My brother works in a mill as a crane operator and has no education through college but makes more than I do.I know its hard physical work but i just dont get it The one draw back that i experienced with each time i went to school/degree It became more difficult for me to retain all the info I was working going to school and studing (hard) and the younger students would leave the study group and be out all night before mid terms or finals
    I just couldnt do that If you do become an rn you'll always be able to find work
    The Best
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    Quote from RyanL
    First off.. Hi. This is my first post. Great site.. I have already found alot of answers to questions I had.

    I have been an a audio engineer/producer for the last 9 years and making a necessary career change due to familial duties. I have been putzing around for the last year at a punch in punch out sort of job pondering wich direction I wanted to take as far as a new career. After doing alot of research and soul searching; I have decided that nursing would be right up my alley.

    Now the only problem that I foresee...Is working for 9.00 to 11.00 ph as a CNA until I finish my LPN. Im old and need more $$! Im 34 and dread the idea of "paying my dues" all over again. I guess my question is this...Have you or do you know of anyone who at my age has persued a career in nursing? Extra points if male.

    I guess Im just looking for some general feedback!
    Hello, RyanL:spin: I was 31yrs., when I finished my LPN training, I loved it! Hope you found the school, and schedule, that worked well for you! Wishing you great success!
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    Hi Ryan, I know the feeling. I just started my first nursing job and I'm 39. I had a 10 yr. plus career in another field and paid my dues there, so I feel you. I think you do have to pay your dues in Nursing and you will at times feel under the microscope but unlike in other fields it's being done for a good reason -patient safety. Every nurse has been there, and most will support you through it. It's an amazing job! If you think it's right for you go for it. I couldn't imagine starting at the bottom again.. and it took me a long time to just go for it. Now I'm so glad I did. good luck!

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