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Hello UK Nurses! I am in my last year of Nursing school in America and am trying to decide what I should do once I graduate and get my license. I have met a very nice English fellow from... Read More

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    Sorry. I should have spelled it out. Cost of living allowance, (COLA).

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    Thanks to all those who replied. The Economy is in a tail-spin on both sides of the Atlantic; I look forward to my year long stay in the UK, as a retired military man. My job: cook the meals, clean the flat and write. Not a bad deal.
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    I had to giggle when reading this. I came to the international forum because one day I would like to move back to England. So, I just wanted to see what I'd have to get myself into after nursing school and gathering quite a bit of experience here.

    So, the reason I had to giggle was, I lived in England for 2 years, my exhusband is British and I am American. Our son has duel citizenship, so he's a halfie. Anyway, when I lived in England, none of the British people I had become friends with ever hated Americans nor did any of the people I ever came across. Infact, when I left, they were sad to see my son and I go. Now, it's been nearly 4 years since I left and I really do miss it there. So one day in the future, I would like to move back. I felt more at home there then I have ever felt here in Virginia.

    Anyway, good luck to any looking for international move and take care!

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    Yeh, yeh... And racism never existed on Earth because there are so many couples of whites and blacks, isn't it?.
    I don't think it was meant as an individual case, but rather as a general view of the brits regarding american mentalities.
    Just because you deny a problem, it doesn't make it to dissapear.
    Just because brits are marrying americans and viceversa, that does't wipe off the problem. Just type in the topic on the web and you'll find tons on this subject.
    Anyway, the initial thread was started because somebody wanted some advice on moving to UK and I think traumaRUs advice was very good. As long as you do respect the country's culture you shouldn't have any problems.

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