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Hello fellow nurses across the pond! My better half keeps saying he wants to move back to the UK. I keep telling him I can't because I couldn't wear a dress to work. He says uniforms are changing... Read More

  1. by   Zana2
    I think the main reason the nurses here wear dresses is because the trousers provided are appaling. They double up as a bra at a push (the waist is unbelievable high), if they fit properly around the waist, the bottom looks like a deflated air baloon and they have no hem. Can't think of a worse cut.
    Hate the things with a vengeance.:chuckle
  2. by   ayla2004
    in my home trust the nurses but there own trosuers either primark or m&s
  3. by   AZ hopeful
    Quote from karenG
    when i trained we had to wear white dresses with american tan tights and black shoes.. we had a laundry and heaven help you if you left the hospital in uniform. only nurse living in the nurses home were allowed to wear uniform to and from home (the home was about a 2 min walk away from the hospital) and we had the old fashioned black capes with red lining to wear over our uniform. I still have mine!

    now I wear a suit- black trousers, black shoes, white shirt and jacket.
    It was the same for me where I trained!!!

    When I was district nursing they changed to mufti which I hated as you have no control over the cleanliness of pts homes! I was glad to move onto another trust and back into uniform.

    Currently I wear mufti and have to 'look smart' - well for another 4 days anyway till I finish working my notice. I also still do clinical and wear tunic and trousers that are provided and they have strict policies about no uniform outside the hospital and no wrist watches, hair tied up, name badge at all times, smart shoes, black pop socks etc etc .....(private hospital)
  4. by   MandaAnda
    As a student, I wore a pale blue/white pinstriped tunic with blue trousers (bought my own trousers in the end). We had three sets. They stopped letting us get dresses in my cohort, as they "weren't practical."

    At the my hombase Trust (the same Trust I'm starting at as a staff nurse in September), matrons wear burgundy, sisters navy blue and staff nurses baby blue. In paediatrics, they wear trousers, polo shirts and pinnies over them. In NNU (where I am) and other ITU areas, they wear scrubs.

    They're changing it all in a few months. From what I understand, we'll all be in scrubs with silver pinstripes (actual silver, for infection control I suppose), but the colour will differentiate who you are.
  5. by   oreo75
    like most here we have the option of tunic & trousers or dresses. I wear dresses cause I find them more comfortable the trousers have elastic waists & come up really high.