What about continuing my nursing education in ireland????

  1. ok, so as far as getting work in dublin as an adn-rn i know it won't happen. so i was thinking what about going to school in dublin or elsewhere in ireland for continuing education. i've already started my bsn here. does anyone know of the requirements for someone with an adn? transferring credits etc... like i said in a previous post i was born there so have no issues as far as visas, etc.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I doubt you can transfer credits. You need to discuss with one of the universities and see what options there are but may be classed as an International student and fees will be high. Usually you need to be a resident in the country for 3 years to qualify. I have seen expats post that return to the UK that their children get no help as they have lived out of the country for a few years prior going to further education
  4. by   TeleMeRN
    Why can't you work as an RN with your associates in Ireland?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from TeleMeRN
    Why can't you work as an RN with your associates in Ireland?
    Generally associates training is not accepted. To work as RN usually training has to equate to same as that country which is usually 3 years. Will be assessed individually but depends on hours theory and practical that is done
  6. by   K+MgSO4
    all nursing is a higher degree in Ireland now (4 years) since 2002 3 year dipolma nurses are still accepted but it is about the clinical and education hours required by An Bord Altranais ( nursing board)
  7. by   ayla2004
    also the eu requirement is that nurse trianing is at least 3 years long (some eu couties nursing training is 3.5 years) comprising 4600 hours 50/50 theroy/clincal.
  8. by   K+MgSO4
    hi again also realised that I have never heard of any kind of conversion / accelerated courses in Ireland. The last of them went out in the early 90's according to former collegues when ENs had to convert to RNs or become HCAs. Maybe email An Bord and see what they say? also maybe talk to one of the NUI's (national university of Ireland) dublin, cork or galway see if they can help you. They have a bigger international student base than the Insitiutes if Technology and have been around much longer. Also talk to UCD university college Dublin. Good luck or try Australia that is what i did when I saw work drying up at home. Similar attitude to Irish and better weather similar health system to UK and Ireland as well.