Vacancy for Staff Nurse Position here in The Philippines?

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    I only had 2 months of training in QMMC Pediadtric Ward.

    I don't want to work as a volunteer nurse anymore...

    I want A REAL NURSE JOB... Because volunteer work here in the Philippines is pure exploitation for the Registered Nurses...

    Paying for training fees?? That sucks right???!

    I'm wondering if our government knows anything about this kind of exploitation....

    I hate backer system...

    Why can't they accept nurses as staff nurses...

    Why are they freeze hiring...

    When that fact shows that every hospital here is understaffed....
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    Because our system sucks and nobody's stepping up for us. Everybody knows that this problem needs to be seriously resolved, but they don't just ******* care.
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    this is the problem since 2007

    1 nurse vacancy : 1,000 applicant that's the ratio now a days
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    I second the motion!i really hate the thing called BAcker system
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    its just coz there are too many nurses in the Philippines to many to even fill vacancies here and abroad. Hospitals arent hiring because there arent any funds to do so. Good luck to fresh grads and those who still are in nursing school.
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    And still thousands of nurses continue to line up and apply to these hospitals willing to be exploited and feeding and nourishing the bad system... many are guilty of these and they can also be put to blame in one way or another. (personal opinion)

    I even experienced being one, tried being a trainee for a govt hospital just for the sake of experiencing how it's like to be one of the thousands of nurse trainee/volunteers and somehow to be reoriented with the hospital setting only to fin out that I made a wrong move. The patient care especially in giving life support and resuscitation was so poor and some are even obsolete, there were even some instances that I was the one updating the senior volunteer/trainees and even the staff. Well, I didn't want to get involved with this kind of system so I did quit without finishing the training period and not getting anything from them (certificates etc.) It's not even considered as COE anyway.

    It's true that hospitals are not hiring because they lack funds, but that's for the government hospitals only. The private hospitals are mostly the ones exploiting, if they do not have the funds, they should stop operating instead of cutting their costs and letting nurses work for them for free and even worst of it asking them for fees.
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    so true.... can we do something on that?
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    actually the volunteer thing or training is just a part of their business...they do it just to gain another income...and yet the training is just like your internship when you are still student nurses...but is this worth it...because some rumors said that trainings and volunteers are not accepted as experience...what will happen to us nurses if were not yet accepted as staff nurses in hospital...but some hospitals are still accepting trainings and volunteers with pay...i hope there still a chance for us nurses who strive to gain license...
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    i honestly dont have any idea what lead to all of these! i guess Filipinos are just too caring thats why almost everyone, including doctors, want to be a nurse. (being sarcastic there)
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    If it's only possible and if i only have power to close all the nursing schools. So as to stop the increasing number of nurses. :smackingf
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