US Accelerated BSN for International Students

  1. Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum and would like to know about Accelerated BSN Program for International Students.

    Here is my current situation:

    1. I'm on Dependent Visa - hence no SSN (School provides a student visa upon admission) . So, I can't work in healthcare settings (background verification impossible).
    2. Have MS degree in non-nursing field. Transcripts evaluated by WES.
    3. Completed all the prerequisite (anatomy, physiology, statistics, microbiology, nutrition, psychology etc.) courses for Accl-BSN from Community College.
    4. Have voluntary work experience in non-healthcare fields

    Would like to know the following:

    1. Am I eligible to apply in Accelerated BSN program?
    2. Which colleges are recommended and accept international students?
    3. Is there any other way to pursue a nursing career in US?

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    Still no response. Can it be moved to a wider audience?

  5. by   loriangel14
    You would need to contact nursing schools in your area. They will tell you if you meet the requirements and how to apply.
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    Quote from sanghus
    Still no response. Can it be moved to a wider audience?

    What state are you applying into?
  7. by   Snowleopard
    As others suggested, you have to call nursing schools and ask. Even better, if you could go there and ask.

    If you want to get OPT (Optional practical training) and SSN you must switch to F-1.

    In this case:

    -The college of your choice must be accredited and eligible to issue I-20.
    -Nursing school must accept international students.
    -You must take 12 or more units every semester, only 3 units/semester can be taken online.
    -You must demonstrate that you have enough money to get yourself through the school (if you spouse works in the U.S., that will be accepted too).
    -You must take TOEFL.
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    Not sure what dependant visa you are on but if it doens't allow work (H1b) then you will have to find a way to work of your own at the end of it and that in the current US economic situation may not be easy
  9. by   san4
    Hi Sanghus, I am educated outside of US too and wanting to pursue an ABSN program. I am still in my research stage about the entire process.
    I visited a few schools and the feeling I get is the term "international student" is referred to mainly some one holding a student visa. So I am not sure if you fall into that category.
    Your best bet is, as others have suggested, to personally meet the advisors of the nursing schools and talk to them about it.
    Some schools have orientations for future students, so maybe you can take advantage of it. Again if I'm not mistaken, there are separate cost of tuitions for international students ( which will depend upon what type of visa you have). If you come from a country where English is not the primary language, then you may be asked to complete a class in English before they can accept you for the ABSN program. Some colleges ask you to take TOEFL, as someone suggested here. All these criterias differ from college to college. Some schools will forgo this condition if you have any kind of study undertaken in the US.
    Your main question here seems to be with the visa, as far as I know, the only issue with dependent visa is that you may not be able to work currently, but incase of studying there may not be any issue. You could also check with your or US embassy ( just a suggestion).

    I'm a BS degree holder in the non-nursing field with a permanent residency status. I am checking to see where to get my credentialling done from. What do you have to say about WES and how did you go about it ? Any other inputs will be greatly appreciated.

    All the best.