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Hi All, I failed to clear my NMC OSCE exam in the second attempt, Northampton failed me for minor mistakes. My hospital has withdrawn the sponsorship, due to home office regulations. Is there... Read More

  1. by   Justeee
    Hi, me and my colleagues also failed the 2nd resit. I just want to ask what documents are needed for the re-application. Thank you and hoping for your response.
  2. by   dbase
    email NMC ASAP to have your portal re-opened. They'll probably just transfer your IELTS and CBT to your new application. I paid another application fee and only re-submitted the Medical Exam form and the Registration from your country's Nursing Body. After that, I waited for my new DL.

    Hope this helps.
  3. by   TMI⚜️
    Quote from jnixrn
    Hi. Can you send me the details of this please? I'm desperate. I recently failed my second attempt. I am working full time as a care assistant in a nursing home and my employer didn't give me any training for OSCE. I managed to pass 4 stations and failed Planning and Evaluation which was so frustrating. Thanks.
    hi, do you have any study materials for OSCE like nurses OSCE guide .
  4. by   Gavinnel3
    Hi everyone,I also failed my OSCE attempts, Now my sponsorship has now ended, i know that i'll be curtailed by the Home Office. But is there a possibility to stay here in the UK? I already reactivated my NMC, but wont be able to take the exam till July. I applied for another Hospital, and gave me a new Certificate of Sponsorship. I however still need a tier 2 visa. I'm afraid to apply for one because a friend of mine got declined. I'f I leave UK, there's the 12-month cooling period. . .Can you guys please advise e on this?
  5. by   Nkechi udu
    My dear I can tell how terrible you feel
    as I am in the same situation as you are.
    I did not leave the UK but started looking
    for Jobs in other Hospitals.
    I am presently undergoing training to resit
    the exam again. I work 20hours per week to
    sustain myself. Don't leave the country because
    you have not received curtailment letter from the
    home office and even if they send it to you,
    it takes 60 days from when you received it for
    you to leave. Since last year September till
    now, I have not gotten mine from the home office.
  6. by   Gavinnel3
    I know, it sucks! Yes, I think leaving the country wont be good for me now as i wont be able to come back for another 12 months. So, I have my Decision letter, a new COS, am I able to apply for another Tier 2 Visa then?
  7. by   Nkechi udu
    My dear you will be denied tier 2 visa if you apply now. You have to pass the NMC exam before applying as the Home office will deny you visa now. You are still covered to be in the country with the visa you have now so just hold on till you have taken your exam.
    I wish you all the best dear.
  8. by   Gavinnel3
    What if its for another role not as a Nurse?
  9. by   Lesterprime89
    I would just like to share my experience. I arrived here in the UK march last year and failed my OSCE twice. I was sacked by my trust and only gave me a mere separation pay. I had nowhere to go and that I WAS ABOUT TO GO HOME but then one of my friend reached out to me and offered me a company for legal and immigration support which provided me a part time job and a roof above my head. Financially, it helped me through the process from the work they provided. I reapplied for my NMC and sat my exams but unfortunately I failed my resit again (3rd take). I am still in the UK with all legal services being handled by the same company and Im going to have another go this APRIL. Please if you fail your OSCE contact me or PM me please I can help you.
  10. by   espino_mfs
    Hi Gavinnel3,
    I have also failed my OSCE twice and got terminated with my previous employer. Like you, I have a lot in mind after what had happened to me with my OSCE. However, I did not give up and find a way to stay here in the UK. I came across IANS - Immigration and Nationality Services ltd, they helped me with my training for my OSCE, they can even help you find employer and in visa application. Now, I got my PIN. Please feel free to keep in touch if you want more information about this. All the best!