Steps to become Canadian RN if already have US RN, BSN license

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    I am looking to Move to Ontario, Canada this summer and work as an RN with a BSN license. I cannot find any detailed information on how to start this process. I am finding alot on how to become an RN in the US, but not the reverse. I have heard so many different ways, but I don't know what to believe!?!?! I understand I will have to take the CRNE, but I have so many other questions....

    Where do I even begin?
    How much does this cost?
    Will a hospital or employer help with costs?
    Should I start looking for a job first or start my registration first?
    How long does this "process" take?
    Is this really as complicated as it sounds?

    I hope somebody can help me!
    Thank You!

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    Your starting point is the College of RN's for Ontario and getting eligibility to sit CRNE. DO not be surprised if the employer expects to see that before offering you a job. Most jobs I have seen have either stated passed CRNE or have eligibility to sit it. Process can take any length of time
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    Ontario posters have reported hiring freezes. Don't expect a quick and easy job search.
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    BTW, you have an RN license and a BSN degree. You can't have an RN, BSN license.
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    OH ok yes I have been curious about the hiring freeze, but when I search job postings I find positions posted?
    I am worried about this because I don't want to go through the application process and then not find a job due to the freeze. Stressful!!

    I have called CNO, and yes they told me to start the application process before apply. I am just waiting to hear if my boyfriend will get into Grad school in Ontario and then I will start. Its been a waiting game!

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    What happens after passing the Canadian boards? Will they accept a 1 year accelerated bachelor of science in nursing and an RN american license?? I am Canadian by my education is in the states as well. Curious.

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    You will not be able to sit CRNE unless you have been assessed by the province and your training accepted
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    Thank you silverdragon! Crazy I may not be able to practice in my own country. Out of curiosity, what is the priority visa date for Canadians in the states? Do not understand how to read that website. Thanks again!!!
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    If the Ontario freeze is anything like the AB freeze, jobs are still posted but you have to read the entire posting. Most of the AHS positions are open to internal applicants and nearly all of the positions are for a limited time period. The only postings open to the public are casual positions. The popular theory around the hospitals in AB is that every nurses line is being evaluated to see if it's necessary at that size position, can it be RN or LPN, etc. Dukanomics at it's worst.
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    Quote from nurseintraining18
    What happens after passing the Canadian boards?

    Canadian nurses don't refer to boards. Our governing bodies are Provincial Colleges and the exams are referred to as either CRNE or CPNRE.

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