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Questions on Nursing in England - page 2

Greetings, I watched a show on BBCA last night "24 in the ER" which is a documentary where they film 24 hours in an ER in a major hospital in England. There are interviews and follow ups with... Read More

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    Quote from skylark
    But just to confuse things a Charge Nurse isnt always in charge, and a nurse can be in charge without the title Charge Nurse.

    Told you it was confusing!!!

    tomorrow on my ward Matron is working early but not in charge, in fact covering a nurse assistant shift.
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    Quote from nyemt2005
    what do they call a male who is a charge nurse in the UK? Is he still called a Sister, or is there another name?
    I've only ever seen a charge nurse referred to by their first name. Logically if a female charge nurse is 'sister' then the male should be 'brother' lol
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    ref fellows in medical roles given it can take 8 -10 or more years post registration for a doctor to obtain their CCT and be eligible for a consultant post there's a lot less of need for them as StR 4- 6 /7 Registrars probably know as much as new attendings
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    well if I take you a bit behing you will see that nursing has a history of having Nuns working as Nurses and I guess the dressing of Nurses and nuns in the past was almost the same dressing code. this can help us understand that perhaps the sister name was rather a name that was adopted from the nuns as they also call themselves sister as well.
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    Med-sestra for a female nurse in Russian, Med-brat for a male nurse
    La enfermera for a female nurse in Spanish, el enfermero for a male nurse
    Krankenschwester for a female nurse in German, Krankenbruder for a male nurse (ok, I made the last one up) LOL!