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bonjour! any filipinos who are already in quebec, any feedback pls of this program. im just waiting for my decision letter from OIIQ. i graduated 2009 and had 1 year exp in hosp. how's the french language exam? PLEASE... GOD... Read More

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    Information regarding the Integration Program through a college:

    Out of 20 or more schools offering transition programs here in Quebec, only one college is offering it in English and it's the John Abbott College. Fees for enrolling would be $100 for registration and $500-$1000 to be spent for paraphernalias and books needed for school. It usually last 6 months. First 3 months is a very intensive theory and the rest are clinicals.

    After passing the program, you now have a CPN status which allows you to work as an RN (but under supervision) until you pass the OIIQ exam. Wages for working as a CPN is similar to that of a RN.

    As for the French exam, like a previous poster have said, it's like the IELTS having 4 parts in it: oral, reading comprehension, writing, listening. You could take this examination every after 3 months if you haven't passed it the 1st time. And you only have to retake the parts where you failed. There are no fees for taking this exam. If in the long run you wanted to take the 7 months intensive high school in French, you wouldn't be required to take the French exam anymore. This is like the last resort if within 4 years since passing your OIIQ exam, that you haven't passed your French exam yet.

    One more thing; after having granted CPN status, you must pass your OIIQ exam within 2 years. You still don't have the full RN permit if you pass the OIIQ exam that's why you must take the French exam within 4 years of passing the OIIQ.

    It's been awhile! Didn't know you had plans transferring! I might as well be doing the same. LOL! Hope all's well. How's it there in Winnipeg?

    To my fellow kababayans,
    I wish you all the luck!
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    Hi nicole0214!

    Thanks for the information. A lot of our kababayans would truly benefit from this. i don't know if you've noticed but there's a sudden influx of Filipinos now choosing Quebec as their destination because the Federal Skilled Worker level cap has now been reached.

    Good luck on your career there and I hope to see you in Montreal too.
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    Hi there yoopian,

    I didn't really know about that until now. I did wonder just by lurking thru this forum, how come a great number of Pinoys suddenly took interest in coming to Quebec. If I knew, I could have informed my friends there too..

    How are you now with your application? Hope all's well..
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    Well a couple of immigration agencies also are trying to offer CAQ for studies to other nursing students since they won't be required any work experience for them to be approved.

    I already got my CSQ for QSW. I'm now applying for the federal level and I hope I can get my immigrant visa soon enough. Have you already taken the OIIQ exam and the french exam?
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    Good day nicole0214!
    Thank you for that detailed information. I just wanna ask if what is the required band score for langue francaise to know if you really pass it?
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    "Very briefly, the results of the first analysis
    show that the respondents most likely to
    find initial jobs quickly had scores on the selection grid indicating one or another or a
    combination of the following possibilities:
    − they had already visited Québec, especially those who had come to work
    or study;
    − they had completed a doctorate;
    − they expected to work in the personal services field;
    − they had a good command of French or English;
    − they had an assured job offer or exemption."

    With this report in mind, I would plan a visit. How do you know if you with love the culture if you have never visited?
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    Hi yoopian!
    I just wanna ask, how many months are you waiting for your visa already?
    I'm still about to comply all my reqt. esp eilts and french exam here n phisl. as advised from my agency. how about you? how's your application going on? because my agency told me that the waiting time is 15-18 months.. huhuhuhu..
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    Hi Ginger's mom!

    so does it mean that we, filipinos still need to have a doctorate for us to be able to find job easily? hmmmmm...
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    Quote from ewolnyg
    Hi Ginger's mom!

    so does it mean that we, filipinos still need to have a doctorate for us to be able to find job easily? hmmmmm...
    The report doesn't break out to "Filipinos" but if you have a doctorate you will find a job easier. Also good idea to visit Quebec before you move there. And learn Canadian French fluently. Also have lots of funds since it may take quite awhile to find a nursing position.
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    You also have to understand that historically Quebec has searched for migrants from the former French speaking colonies. You will find a lot of Haitian, Morrocans, Algerians in PQ. Francophones from around the world have always had priority.
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