Nursing in Switzerland

  1. Hello.

    I am American but interested in attending nursing school in Geneva. Does anyone know anything about their nursing education system? For those foreign nurses who have come back to the US to live and work, how difficult is it to pass the exams, etc... What kind of loop holes do you have to go through. Thank you all for any comments or help!
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  3. by   ghillbert
    It's more difficult to pass NCLEX when you are not trained in "NCLEX-style" throughout your training. There are a lot of hoops to jump through as a foreign trained nurse, every time you want a new state license.

    Why do you want to train in Geneva?
  4. by   silentsiren4
    Thanks for your reply. I would like to go to swizertland for multiple reasons... The schooling is free, my boyfriend lives nearby and I would like more of an international experience which I would be able to get from their schooling system. I realize that the NCLEX exam will be terribly tough. My goal is to apply to midwifery schools in the us after. Not sure how plausible that is either.....
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Are you sure the schooling is free if you are an International student? Otherwise I am sure Switzerland would be inundated with students looking for free education Find it strange if it is because many countries do charge for international student
  6. by   fabienne
    I am a Swiss citizen and I went to nursing school's true,i didn't have to pay to go to nursing school as the government pays for a lot of the expenses. I would assume though that it is not free for international students.
    feel free to email me with any question you have...
  7. by   silentsiren4

    Thanks for your reply. I was just in Geneva and spoke with the Haute ecole de sante about their nursing program. It is indeed basically free, a 500 CHF per year which is, as you may well know, nothing for an American. Unfortunately I was under the assumption that it was only 3 years but it is in fact 4. I already have a bachelors and masters and just cannot accept the idea of going to nursing school in four years when I could do so much more in that amount of time.

    Ultimately I would like to become a nurse practitioner but what I have come to understand is that this does not exist thus far in switzerland?

    Do you work in the US? How difficult was it for you to pass the NCLEX exam and to find a job as a foreign graduate. ANy other ideas of words of advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you for your time
  8. by   fabienne
    No, I still work in Switzerland. I am in Virginia at the moment but will be going back to Switzerland this weekend. i haven't started the NCLEX process yet..I still have a long way to go...
    I live in the German speaking part of Switzerland so the system in Geneva might be different, I am not quite sure...there have been major changes is the nursing education system over the last three years.
    Are you sure you would have to attend the whole 4 year program for a Bachelor's? just wondering because you already have another Bachelor's and Master's degree.
  9. by   crystalball
    Hi there,
    I read your reply. I am currently taking my prereq for nursing school here in CA at a junior college. I was looking to get into the ADN nursing degree program which is only 2 years. My problem is we are moving to Switzerland in June 2011 due to my husbands promotion.. (not really a problem....we are very excited about moving there!!!) I was wondering if you know of any nursing schools where I could earn my nursing degree? I don't have any previous exp as a nurse and will be in Switzerland at least 2-3 years, maybe more. We will be living in or near Zurich or possibly north in Schaffhausen. I also want to know if I can come back to the states and work as an RN or do I just have to take the NCLEX exam to do that? I do not speak much German but I am willing to learn it. So i would need a school that teaches in English if there are any.... Are there ADN degrees as well as BSN degrees in Switzerland?? any response would be much appreciated...thanks so much!!!
  10. by   Silverdragon102
    You will still have to sit NCLEX to be able to work as a RN in CA and you will have to meet state requirements for foreign trained nurse if you find somewhere to train
  11. by   silentsiren4

    Exciting about the move! Unfortunately the information that I have been able to gather show that there are only 4 year bachelors in nursing programs. They do not have accelerated programs like we do for people like us who already have a degree. I went to see the school of nursing in geneva and they did not mention any other schools in switzerland with advanced degrees...but hey you never know so I would try researching nursing schools in bern. On the other hand I do believe that they are attempting to start something similar to a nurse practitioner and only in Bern... but do not take my word for it. If that is the case they may have a quicker version that four years for students that already have university degrees. Sorry I am not much help!

    Good luck !
  12. by   ipep
    hello I read all the replies in this forum about Switzerland and I have important question to men
    Do you know how can I get a job as a nurse in Switzerland?I have a bachelor degree in 4 years education in medical university in Europe-Bulgaria and I would like to understand whether I can work as a nurse-I have experience in ICU and as a dental nurse-surgery implants.Thanks for response
  13. by   hanga27
    Hi, guys, I see i'm not the only one thinking about working in Switzerland...I will be graduating Nursing School(NVCC) next May, but will probably have a BSN or MSN by the time we would actually move to Switzerland...Meanwhile I'm trying to find out more about the process, and refresh my French, or start learning German...If there's anyone who went through the details of this and knows the steps that must be taken, please let me know...Thank you
  14. by   5cats
    First of all you need to make sure that your education will be recognized. You need to contact the Swiss Red Cross and find out, plus your language depending on where you plan to live and work in Switzerland has to be sufficient (just be aware in the german part the spoken language is swiss german). Then go from there.