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  1. ipep

    nclex-rn exam requirement query

    hi does anybody know if I have low results of TOEFL -ibt can apply for Nclex exam? I have 47 scores of TOEFL-ibt exam and my question is if I can apply to sit for nclex exam with these scores? I apply for Illinois state RN and I have already recieved my CES report fro cgfns.
  2. ipep

    Who wants to be a nurse in Canada?

    yes I am interesting in work as a nurse in canada now I am applying in usa but the process is very long.If the process for canada is easier please tell me what to do? I am with bachelor degree diploma and I have 3 years experience in dental sector and ICU
  3. ipep


    hello if someone know how I can get courses of anesthesia nurse in USA.I am outside educated nurse and now I am in processing in licensure RN in Illinois state.I want to take some courses in this state.Is there any ways to do it?If EYS-which are?I am working in ICU AND I have 3 years experience.That"s why I would like to practice as an anesthetic nurse. thanks very much P.S. I am going to take TOEFL-iBT exam after 2 months\maybe sooner\ and then NCLEX-RN which are same of requirements ot Illinois
  4. ipep

    Help Pls...ca Nclex Passer Without Ssn

    hello but how lizziecalpito have passed the nclex and don"t have ielts yet I applyed for Illinois registered nurse and required me first to take toefl not nclex why is it so?can I first take nclex exam because I am preparing for it
  5. ipep

    Work as Nurse Practitioner in Switzerland

    yes I have a question I am graduate nurse from Bulgaria with bachelor degree in medical university-I have 3 years experience and now I am working in ICU-intensive care unit,I have experience as a dental nurse what is my chance to work in switzerland and how can do it? thanks
  6. ipep

    Nursing in Switzerland

    hello I read all the replies in this forum about Switzerland and I have important question to men Do you know how can I get a job as a nurse in Switzerland?I have a bachelor degree in 4 years education in medical university in Europe-Bulgaria and I would like to understand whether I can work as a nurse-I have experience in ICU and as a dental nurse-surgery implants.Thanks for response
  7. ipep

    Green Card USA

    do you know when is the time in which I can apply for green card?
  8. ipep

    CES for Illinois nclex application

    yes I paid by my credit card number with my application I didn"t know by CTS what is this site please write it the full name yes I am foreigner educated nurse and I submited all documents which are required in that state-Illinois but what is the problem Iam interested in NCLEX exam? what to do ? how to understand that my application is in processing? thanks very much
  9. ipep

    CES for Illinois nclex application

    I have already apply for licensure,I sent my application for RN-licensure to the BON Illinois
  10. ipep

    CES for Illinois nclex application

    hi now I am very confused because I don"t know whether BON Illinois is recieved my CES report and how can I understand to register for NCLEX with pearson view can you help me? I would like to take NCLEX and now I am studying for it but when to register? thanks
  11. hello I am confuse because I sent my CES report-to BON Illinois state but I have not answer yet when I have to register for NCLEX ?I hva enot enough time My CES report expire 2011 and I must take all the exams but now I think about when I have to register for Nclex thanks
  12. ipep

    Next stage What to do next?

    yes I have already sent my application for RN to the BON Illinois but I have not recieved anything from them yet? what the next step?
  13. hello everybody I would like to know when I have to register with Person vue site to take NCLEX I sat fot TOEFL-iBT last Saturday on 27 february 2010 but I don"t know my score yet. My question is when I can to register to take the NCLEX exam thank P.S. I recieved my CES report from CGFNS 6 months ago and it is sent to the Illinois board of nursing
  14. ipep

    need help regarding CES

    ok thanks for response
  15. ipep

    need help regarding CES

    hello I need info about CES report I received it by post mail to my adress 2 days ago and now what I have to do? do I have to send the copy of my CES report to BON?I have allready submitted my application to BON What to do with my CES report in my hand:)? thanks
  16. ipep

    Help Needed

    yes,OK I"m applying for registered nurse in IL and I understand that the most important things are to have CES report\I have it\,to sit for TOEFL and finally to get NCLEX exam-these requirements are for IL BON,if I mistake please correct me!That"s why I have to sit fo TOEFL first and then NCLEX...isn"t it! thanks so much...,smiles