Nursing in Quebec (montreal)

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    I am currently a US student in nursing and I am interested in eventually nursing in montreal. What are the primary steps for this? Has anyone had any experience with this process?


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    You will need to check out the nursing board for Montreal, You need to be fluent in French and will need to sit their nursing exam for Quebec
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    Do any americans who have been through this process have any advice? steps to follow, etc? I don't think you have to be fluent in french but you have to pass a french exam.
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    You do have to be fluent in French, their website is mainly in French with very little English as far as I can see. If I remember rightly the exam is over 3 days and in French
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    Check out the similiar threads at the bottom of the page. They have some good information about getting licenced in Quebec. i hear the language exam is very difficult to pass and you have to be very fluent.
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    i work at the montreal general hospital and even though it's an english hospital you still have to be able to express yourself in french because of the french clientele. Though the staff is pretty much bilingual, francophone patients will expect to be talked to in french. And it's also important for you if you want to be able to gather the patient's history. As far as the exam goes it's mandatory for everyone. A collegue of mine who had 20 years of experience in ontario, decided to work in montreal. 3 years later the order realized she hadn't done her french exam. after failing 3 times, they revoked her right to practice in the province until she succeeds the test. so, you might not need to be fluent, but you do need to have a basic understanding of the french language. hope this post helps you out. if you want more info ask the oiiq they'll help you out.
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    I am about to begin the process which is detailed in English in a PDF file at It is not as complicated as some people make it sound. Basically there are 3 steps:
    1. Your BSN classes have to be reviewed to ensure they meet Quebec equivalents. You might have to take one or 2 additional classes to know about Quebec law as far as nursing.
    2. You do have to pass a test both written and clinical but you can take it in English and you can buy a study guide in English from the Ordre that explains the test and provides sample questions.
    3. You have 3 years to learn basic French.

    Note that until you go through the the 3 steps you are only a nurse with a permit and you will work for reduced pay under a licensed Quebec nurse. You will not be allowed to perform some procedures until you get your Quebec license.
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    what about the actual paperwork for the process? Where do you obtain that? I would love to exchange e-mails so that we can share information.

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    You have to contact the Ordre des Infirmieres et Infirmiers du Quebec (OIIQ). Call them at the registrariat at 1-514-935-2501.
    Tell them you are a out of Quebec licenced nurse (or to be). Get your licence first in your own state, I think it is a requirement, then you have to pass their own board exam. But first, they have to sent you the package (lots of forms to fill out). You have to pay the fee I think it's about 500$ for them to open your file...
    They will sent you the infos, instructions, be prepare to wait for their decisions... they must be short-staffed there too!
    Be patient, they need nurses there too, but they don't pay as well as in the states so... the decision is in your hands.
    The american nurses want to come to Canada, the Canadians wants to go to the US.

    Good luck!
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    what is the average salary rate for RN's in Quebec vs. the US? How much is the difference. Also, do they give raises etc..?

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