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  1. 0 Hello, I am new grad nurse and I am looking to move to Ireland. soon I will become registered nurse in and I wish to ask if there is someone who was in my same situation or some irish nurse. I am not EU citizen and I will need work permit. where can I seek for help , are there recruitment agencies willing to help ? Or should I find employer on my own
    ( that's really hard ) ? bye
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    Where did you train and is it northern or Southern Ireland you want to nurse

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    Have you even registered yet with the nursing board of either places? Also things are a bit tough in Ireland so finding someone willing to go work permit route may be hard
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    The nursing board for the UK is the NMC .. And you have to have a lot of practise hours , I had to complete over 2300 , I did here that foreign nurses can get in with 1600? But am not sure , as for sponsorship , I have heard of foreign nurses getting sponsored in the UK as a whole ... The rules for Southern Ireland may be different as its not part of the UK

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    But you still need to register with the Irish board of nursing and jobs are still difficult
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    In the republic Nursing is still in a hiring freeze in ghe public sector, your chances are very small
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    Are you a nursing graduate originating from the US? If so, there is a way you can work in Ireland on your American nursing license for one company at least.
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    Hi.. sorry for late response. yes, I am registered nurse in Italy. it's republic of ireland not northern ireland.. thanks all for messages..
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    Hi, I think you should first apply to "an board altranais" ( Irish Nursing Board ).
    Fulfill the requirement before applying, they require a year experience, IELTS and so on.
    As far as job is concerned i don't know much about it but you can check this Nurse Jobs Ireland: Homepage|Nursing Jobs|Nurse Jobs|Nursing Recruitment website.
    Hope they will help you out, email them and ask your queries.
    I suppose this information helps. All the best.
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    Thank you for the help. I started the registration process with An Bord A and I got my pin number.
    I have sent en email now. All the best.
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    Hi, Even i am an interested to work in Ireland, it would be a great help if you would let me know about employer or any agency who is sponsoring you. Kindly share the experience.
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    Hi, at the moment I am doing all on my own I mean registration and so on. Once I get registered I will try to get in contact whit an recruitment agency or employer. and it's not easy.
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    Hi Sinedenise, I am in a similar boat. I just graduated with a Nursing Degree from Portugal, although I am not an EU Citizen. The agency said that I don't have a chance to apply to UK without a passport, so I am looking towards Ireland to see the possibilities.

    Seems as though in general nursing is not as high demand right now.