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    Hey guys! Anyone who's processing their NMC registration or has a decision letter already? can you please share you time line, from passing pack 1 to your decision letter, how fast the processing is. I would gladly appreciate responses! Thanks!

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    i am currently in the process of applying for my UK license as well. it took almost two months for me to get packet #2, but i think it's b/c the first one they sent me got lost. and just fyi, they say it takes 20 to 40 days to get your decision letter once they receive all the documents for packet #2. this is a very frustrating process (i know), just make sure you have all the correct documents before you send anything in, otherwise it really slows things up. good luck to you!
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    i think once you have sent them an email requesting for an initial application, pack 1 will be sent to you approx. 3 weeks from the time u emailed them. once you have completed and submitted pack1 with the appropriate fee, it takes another 3 to 4 weeks to receive pack 2. pack 2 has lots of requirements, so it is within your power to process it at the least possible time because you have to go to your college of nursing and the licensing body in your country. once you have sent pack 2, and all the other documents have been submitted (e.g. docs from you school, licensing body, and referees), you should wait for the decision letter for 20 days or so depending on the completeness of the docs. it may go back and forth if you dont accomplish them correctly.. all the time line that i have given are approximate based on my own experience.
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    hi guys, just wanted to ask, given that I complete the Overseas Nurses Programme, How easy is it to find a nursing job in the UK?
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    weird0406 thru what agency have you applied? i passed my initial interview and now just waiting for panel interview with a uk employer.
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    May i ask who initially interviewed you? Are they from your agency or the NHS representatives?
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    initial screening interview was with a nurse consultant from the agency. If the applicant made it through that interview, they will then be lined up for the panel interview with the UK employer. Is it the same with greenfields? Or do you just go for interview directly with your UK employers?
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    in greenfields they would require you to meet their initial requirements(ielts 7all, atleast 1yr experience) and fill up their documents and they'll line you up for NHS interview.
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    Guys, if this remains off topic and continues to discuss agencies etc will move this thread to the international forum
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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    Guys, if this remains off topic and continues to discuss agencies etc will move this thread to the international forum
    sorry silverdragon. But yeah maybe this topic should be moved to the international forums. We're discussing about NMC application/processing and that's a bit far about UK nursing.

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