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  1. I'm a 22 year old nurse in the Philippines, planning to review for the NCLEX-RN exam in a few months. Which review centers have a good review program for the NCLEX-RN? Kaplan and Merge are the closest to where I live, but I've heard of Rachelle Allen and URC. Any replies will be appreciated.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Don't need a review center, you can study very well on own and save money. Check out the NCLEX forum under the stuent tab
  4. by   psychelle
    Quote from an2thedrei
    I'm a 22 year old nurse in the Philippines, planning to review for the NCLEX-RN exam in a few months. Which review centers have a good review program for the NCLEX-RN? Kaplan and Merge are the closest to where I live, but I've heard of Rachelle Allen and URC. Any replies will be appreciated.
    hi! for me, i took kaplan online review. They will send you a good book and also you can practice on line. The harder the questions, the better you are prepared for the real thing. Nothing beats studying on your own at your own phase. Sometimes going to review centers takes up so much of your time because of traveling (traffic i mean hehe) and when you are with friends sometimes chatting and eating...=) I hope this helps! Good luck!
  5. by   dave787
    this review center ask you for thousands of bucks, you can see those question they give in the NCLEX reviewer avaible in the bookstore, if you only have a good self study you cn save money. and practice cds are also available yjay simulate yu the actual NCLEX exam
  6. by   suzanne4
    Why in the world would you wish to waste money on a program where none of the instructors have ever worked in the US, and most have never even been to the US.

    Save your money and do your own review. Then you know that the information that you are getting is correct and current.
  7. by   robert0
    psychelle, did you pay for it online or did you go to one of the Kaplan centers and pay for it there? Thanks.

    Everyone, I understand that it's possible to do well on the NCLEX-RN without attending a review center, but isn't it too much of a risk? Kaplan Online sounds good to me. Review Centers provide structure to the study plan. It does the same thing school does for us. I mean we all could've bought textbooks and just skipped school, but we attended for guidance and for structure.
    This doesn't mean that I'm going to attend a review program, but that's just how I feel about it as of now, I guess.
  8. by   suzanne4
    And if you do not pass, they do not refund your money and there is no guarantee that you will pass by using any of these programs. Again, the instructors have not worked in the US, nor have ever worked as an RN in your country in most cases.

    So not really adequately prepared to even teach a program like this.

    You asked for advice and we offered it, it is your decision as to what to do. But having $600 US in your pocket can go quite far for you.
  9. by   iamnomad

    Self-review will not be very effective if you do not have a good study habit. Enrolling in a review center maybe helpful, if you want a more structured study times!
  10. by   suzanne4
    Sorry, but still do not agree with that premise. We have seen very old and outdated information being passed out in some of these review programs.

    One can easily set up a time to study on their own and do it on a daily basis, and go to the library, or someplace similar where they will not be disturbed. But to pay all of that money to only get wrong information will not help one in passing of the exam.
  11. by   ErwinRN
    Hello there. I just would like to share my opinion in here. I strongly believe that passing the NCLEX is not that easy at all. It takes plenty of time to review and do the drills. Now the question is, what does one prefers, to enroll in a review center, or to simply do the SELF REVIEW?

    I myself is a USRN, I passed the NCLEX-RN for the state board of New York roughly a year ago. I only did a self review since I am incapable of getting into a review center, its too expensive and nobody will finance it for me. It takes one to believe in his potentials..strive, then hit it to NCLEX glory. It's more self-fulfilling passing nclex on your own, independent from any review centers.

    However, we need to consider and admit that not everybody can be like me or like others who did self-review, I mean, reviewing is like learning, and learning is an individualized process. A person learns and acquire Knowledge in different ways.

    We know ourselves better. If you think self review wont be effective and reviewing through review centers would lead you to success and that you have the financial means, then go for it. Afterall, you'll be the one who'll be benefited from the decision you'll make.

    I just would like to react with what Ms. Suzanne said earlier. I was once a reviewer of kaplan in the Philippines. I admit that I've never practice nursing in US but I guess I was able to help thousands of filipino nurses in making their US dream come true, and that is what's matters the most.

    Cheers and goodluck to everybody...
  12. by   suzanne4
    Since I do not know you, or have never met you; cannot say a thing about your skills or training. You may be the exception that what we have seen going on there. The majority of the instructors or whatever the name is that they have for them, many have never even worked as an RN anywhere either and that just does not help with preparing one for an exam like this.

    Have also seen much outdated information being used in the review centers there that is not even being seen in the US, and that is the point that I am making. Have also seen nurses that I helped pass the exam and had never worked in the US, came here as foreign nurses, get hired to teach a review and that makes absolutely no sense at all to me or probably anyone else here.

    Glad to here that you benefitted some, but not all pass the exam with Kaplan and if one is an international student with them, they do not refund the fees either if one does not pass. And if one is not determined enough to prepare on their own, sitting thru a review center program like this is not going to get one thru the exam. Just do not see it happening and have not seen it happen.

    With things that way that they are with the US now, one would be better off focusing on getting a job in another country first and getting experience, then writing the exam.
  13. by   iamnomad

    That's what I'm trying to point out. Thank you.

    And nobody can ever say that a review center won't help. It will. And if you'll just look the process, It's a REVIEW, not a subject to be learn! There's a difference between, "I'm going to study....." and "I'm goint to review...." The latter means you already know something and just want to refresh your memory. But the former means you are totally clueless. That's my opinion..

    Review centers maybe helpful!
  14. by   ErwinRN
    Good Day.
    Ms.Suzanne is making a good point actually. How can one efficiently provide a review with only knowledge on hand, lame of working experience. But I would also like to stress the point what a theorist believes, that knowledge is the core and the most fundamental substance a human possesses thus, experience without knowledge is obviously dangerous.

    For those who are planning to work and live in US sooner or later, I would suggest you follow the LAW OF RECENCY especially for those newly graduates. Get the experience you need later on, plenty of hospitals looking for volunteer nurses so you wont be worried of finding it hard to get one. For now, focus on reviewing and taking the required exams early since the knowledge you've gain from college are still fresh in your memory. Statistics shows great percentage of passing among those newly graduated nurses when sitting for the exam, than those who've been out of the school more years ago.

    Godbless and keep believing.