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Hi, I have become incredibky frustrated by the lack of information available to me.. I am a UK qualified (Adult nurse) I have been in the process of having my credentials reviewed by CGFNS.. 9 months in I am still none the... Read More

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    Last I knew there was nowhere in the uk to make up any hours short. One university Brighton used to do it but when retrogression occurred back on 06 they soon stopped afterwards because not worth doing

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    i googled the same thing myself and couldn't find much. i think the best thing to do is to try and get experience while on placement? if we plan now then i'm sure we'd be able to send ourselves off to spend days in the relevant branches! that's my plan for my last placement! i hand all my practise documents in in july so i'll have a month to kill while still in practise. i'm doing my training in plymouth at the moment-what are vivars? our management module is a presentation-not looking forward to it! we have to complete something called crossbranch or EU directives which are short essays on each branch, do you have to do that too? i thought i'd be able to use that of proof of having experience in other branches! also, the part that really annoys me is that we still have exposure to mental health and paeds in practise, even though we are adult nurses! (sorry, i just assumed you were!). congrats on nearing the completion of your course, i too am looking forward to finally qualifying! x
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    That is the difference between UK training and US training. US is general and means you can work most areas, UK means you are limited to where you work. Also remember clinical and theory must show up on your transcripts for it to be accepted.
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    Quote from fbull
    i googled the same thing myself and couldn't find much. i think the best thing to do is to try and get experience while on placement? if we plan now then i'm sure we'd be able to send ourselves off to spend days in the relevant branches! that's my plan for my last placement! x

    That won't work. It has to show as theory and clinical hours on your transcript.
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    But if there are UK nurses (from the new training) working in america at present, there must be some way around it? Im going to speak to the board of nursing soon to find out as much as possible. My crossbranch essays will definitely count for theory.
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    Most BONs will be looking for it to appear on your transcript as theory hours and then there is the concurrency issue. Clinical hours ahve to be adequate and completed in the same semeter as the theory.There is no guarantee that the essays will be counted as theory.
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    sorry for late reply, been busy with presentations and uni days,
    @ fbull heyyy, yes im adult too, we did a nursery placement in year one, and i did a learning diff in year 1, the management placement is march for me too, apparently the student office has given some people their placements i really hope its not far as im already travelling deep into london . my uni calls the oral exam a vivar, and yes we have the dreaded essay attached too, im hoping to find a condition which it interested and common and perfect my knowledge. i have researched and asked my student office, the moment i asked her she told me she was in the middle of sending transcripts to america for an old student. the place we want to work can request from the uni, but we stil have to go through that cgdf (or something like that). i read somewhere too that a UK nurse when to HR and asked for the hospital director or someone high up for permission to make up hours and in the letter state to complete the required hours as america want. And she worked her normal job and also did some days in paeds and mental! so yes the month after dropping our 3 years of lovely skill books we can start having a look, wish there was a newly qualified from last year who has got through all this already. Also other option is to request to do it in one of the states, but iv read not all schools their accept people just to make up hours,But lots do. look forward to hearing from u x
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    Thank you for the reply and apologies for the late response ( caught up procrastinating over the nclex).

    I ended up having enough hours in all the specialties to meet the NJ BON requirements, I just wish the while process was more transparent.. at least with the NMC you know you have to do X amount of hours in-order to qualify... but here its like poking around in the dark, if you get it you get it.

    Brainsandbeauty--- make sure ur uni doesent cut you short on hours... I thought I would fall short on theory in pediatrics and mental health.... from all the convos with CGFNS it sounds like UK training provides us with alot more theoretical hours than the courses in the US.... so if you have any shortage it might b in the theoretical content..... hope it goes alot easier for you.
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    Hi guys thanks for this! I too am qualifying this year and im in London. However, I also want to find out any information on make up courses. It appears Im the only one that did children! So I did children \( peads) nursing. But in first year did theroy on mental health, vulnerable adults and some other related adults bits in CFP ( Common Foundation Programme).

    Could you please tell me pnjabibarbie it appears you recently did similar uk copurse and was sucessful. could you shed more light. I am looking to try get licensed in NY/NJ too. I am completing paperwork here in uk to be registered with NMC but i am starting ball rolling early.

    Please please every one help! Any information on this would be grateful and again I did peads with some theory adults in first years but no clinical in adults all children
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    Hi, Silverdragon. I am a uk nursing student just qualified but my situation is soooo different. I did the children nursing ( peads) . But in my first year in CFP- i did essays and theor on vulnerable adults, mental health but not sure if these will be counting by BON in states, can you shed some light for me as peads UK trains

    i am starting to reseach this early as i was told this process can be a year but with deficiencies in hours i am getting lost and not sure what to do. help!!!

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