License verification in PRC

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    I'm a licensed nurse in the UK and currently working in the UK. My license in the philippines has expired 3 years ago and I haven't renewed.
    My questions are?
    Do i have to renew it before they will verify my expired license?
    what are the requirements in renewing the license?
    Does CGFNS require a current license in order to have
    a VS certificate?( I have an active UK license) I have read the CGFNS handbook and there is no mention of whether your licenses should all be active.
    I hope you can help me

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    if its the first time you will be submitting documents to CGFNS, then I think you need to renew your license... because its the PRC that will send info about your license to the CGFNS, so it needs to be current
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    I submitted some documents when I took the CGFNS exam long time ago including my license verified by PRC. Will that count?
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    1. create an online account at the CGFNS website...
    2. make sure you enter your CGFNS number...
    3. apply for the VISA SCREEN service online for faster processing
    4. all the data that was used in your CGFNS will be automatically forwarded and re-used in the VISA SCREEN application
    5. after VISA SCREEN application is finished, go and check your ORDER status and click for the VISA SCREEN, then press "GO"
    6. you will see all the required documents needed for the VS and their corresponding status whether received or not...
    7. ICHP will decide whether you need to redo your license validation just by looking at the status

    hope this one helps...
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    Quote from datukuno
    I submitted some documents when I took the CGFNS exam long time ago including my license verified by PRC. Will that count?
    go to the CGFNS website and create an account...enter your CGFNS number...apply for the VS service...

    by doing this, all the data that has been used will be re-used for your VS (unless ICHP notify you to redo a requirement - you can readily see this at your VS status after you have finished the VS application)
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    If I need to renew my license in the philippines, can someone please tell me the procedure and the requirements in renewing my license. BTW i'm out of the country so i have to ask a relative to do it for me.
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    Hmm... You need to have a 1 x 1 ID pic with name tag on it. I think its white background. THen authorization letter. I'm not sure if you still need the previous license or just proof.

    I think someone here can add up to the info given above.
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    yes you can have someone to do it for yo provided that you make a authorization/third party. and when you verify for your VSC yes all the licenses are included fom the beginging.
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    first you need to have an authorization letter to renew & claim your prc id.bring 2, passport size pictures w/ nametag.then your representative will have to fill up a form where it asks about info. about your prc ID like,license number,expiration,registration date, should also bring your expired Id.
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    My brother's license has expired but he now needs license verification in the PRC. I would assume that he needs to renew it first, right? Does he still need the other requirements such as photocopy of license ID, passport size pictures even if he's outside the country and would authorize me to renew it for him?

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