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  1. Hello :redpinkhe

    Just out of interest, I was wondering how long everyone spent in their first jobs?
    I'm hoping to go into a critical care area (either NICU or PICU which is outside my Adult branch). Those that will take me with no experience all requite me to complete professional developement by seccondment. Thats really exciting and I'd love to do this, but how long would I be expected to stay in that job after you've done the training? I was thinking you'd be expected to stay a few years at least.
    the thing is I've always wanted a gap year after uni but i'm worried about going away for a year and a half and then struggling to get a job when i'm back (espeically considering the long time i'd have had from graduating to starting work...think that'd be realy bad?). Therefore I was wondering if i could do my clinical experience and then take a year out.

    whoops i'm starting to ramble on.
    thanks everyone
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  3. by   madwife2002
    I spent 1yr 4 months in my first job I went away for 1 year then returned to my old place of work and worked for another 2 1/2 yr as an E grade
  4. by   XB9S
    4 months on a care of the elderly stroke unit, got left in charge on my 2nd day post qualifying and in charge of the hospital 3rd week.

    Hated it so after 4 months left to go to ICU which was a general / cardiac / neuro and paediatric unit. Loved it and stayed for 4 years
  5. by   scattycarrot
    11 months trauma ortho, 1 year ITU, 1 1/2 yrs A&E then went traveling. I would recommend getting some experience first before taking your year off. A years worth would be enough! It just enables you to consoildate what you have spent 3 years studying, gain some on the job experience and give you some confidence. As well as giving you extra money to take traveling with you! The places you want to visit aren't going anywhere!
  6. by   Sun*shine
    thanks guys, thats really good adivce. i guess getting a job in a general area for experience would be a good idea. eek the idea of being thrown in at the deep end really scares me though..in charge on your second day *gulp*
  7. by   XB9S
    It was a long time ago and at the time when as a third year student you were left in charge on nights

    Those were the days.............................................. .................................................. ........................someone please pass me my walking stick
  8. by   nightmare
    Ah,I remember it well! Surgical receiving nights.......and we coped!
  9. by   madwife2002
    I remember being in charge on nights of the Renal Unit and holding the bleep for the hospital all in my first 6 months. Those were the days but I can tell you I loved it.

    I know we were thrown in the deep end but our training prepared you for a lot of stuff
  10. by   RGN1
    It was the training that made the difference because we were in the same hospital for the vast majority of our student years (bar psyche & community) therefore, we really new how things worked. By the time we had finished our management in the 3rd year we were truly ready & waiting once we qualified!

    I stayed 1 yr in my 1st post, 8 in my 2nd. I also stayed 1 yr post my back to nursing course & am now 2 yrs into my current job.