International Travel Nursing Agencies?

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    I'm currently still a RN Program student but I'm very interested in doing international nursing when I've completed the program. I have done several searches on the net for international agencies but have been relatively unsuccessful. Does anyone know of any agencies I may look into? Please post them or e-mail them to me at Thanks!

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    I'm also interested in international nursing, specifically in Brazil. I'm having a hard time finding good info, too, but if I come across anything worthwhile I'll e-you! Good luck
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    I guess I am a third I would love to traval even if it was in the us but I would like to go to 3rd world contrys too
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    Make it four of us. I have located several web sites for international travel, but I do not want to sign up for an entire year or two. I have a contact in Vancouver, Canada and they contract in several places such as Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi. I am looking for an international agency for a six month contract. I am also looking into locating addresses for U.S. military bases where nurses are contracted from the states. Let me hear from all of you out there!
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    what is the name of the place you are talking with, but only deals in year contracts? This is what I am looking for especially Australia. Thanks.
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    I am looking for international nursing agencies as well. I am looking for a 3-6 month long contract in Australia. Any help would be appreciated. I got an email from a company saying that they staff the UK and Australia and I accidentally deleted it.
    Kimberly, RN
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    Have any of you tried looking at the back of the RN Magazine? They usually have several different travel companies listed that send nurses to Australia and Saudi Arabia, etc. Check it out. And depending on specialty, you can check out the journal from AORN as a starter.
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    A Canadian friend used this agency and had a great time. Hope it helps.
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    I looked into companies that staff the UK. I spoke with Continental Travel Nurse and they were much more helpful then O'Grady Peyton .
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    I don't know if it helps but I have a whole "sticky" thread in the Australasian forum listing registration boards for Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia and the Phillipines - I am working on adding to it - so any suggestions would be grateful.
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