intellectual disability nurses working internationally?

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    I am an irish trained intellectual disability nurse (others call it,mental handicap,mental retardation or learning disabilities). I work in this sector and in nursing homes. I am wondering how an irish nurse with this degree would go about working in Vancouver, Canada and how to get a visa?

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    Well, it shocking and needed and immediate attention to short out at
    the earlier.
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    What? You're Irish and retarded and you want to work in Canada?
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    no- im an irish nurse....trained in working with people with ID? vicky007-ur post makes no literate sense in the english language.
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    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    What? You're Irish and retarded and you want to work in Canada?
    Walks by whistling.
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    I love you guys. Have worked 45 hours in 3 days, exhausted beyond belief and now laughing so hard I'm crying and my teenage daughter sitting beside me thinks I have finally lost it.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Comic relief.
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    Hey Jean,

    I'd recommend starting with the sticky thread located at the top of the Canadian forum.

    ***Internationally Educated Nurses: VERY IMPORTANT - READ THIS FIRST*** - Nursing for Nurses
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    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    What? You're Irish and retarded and you want to work in Canada?
    OMG I haven't laughed this hard in a while. I thought she was a retarded Irish nurse too- just for a second. Too funny!
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    Moved to the international forum

    First stop is meeting the province requirements and for that you need to be general trained with clinical and theory hours in Paeds, Obstetrics, Mental Health and general adult. A lot will depend on the province you apply to but generally you do need to be general trained however there are a couple of provinces that accept Mental health nurses. Getting work or immigrant visa will depend on what route you take and suggest a good read in this forum as much has been already written about Canada and the process you have to go through
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    In ontario it is Developmental Social Worker. 2 Years diploma and can give medication under delegation of Register nurse.
    It is in high demand.

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