How many clinical placement hours do you get in Aus? How many clinical placement hours do you get in Aus? | allnurses

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How many clinical placement hours do you get in Aus?

  1. 0 I heard that you only get around 400 during your whole degree? This doesn't sound like very much.
    I'm doing a 3 year nursing degree in NZ and we get about 1500.
    How much do you get in Australia?
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    I am currently doing just Div 2 at TAFE and we get about 350, not including our lab sessions at school. I am assuming Div 1's would get more...
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    I'm doing a B. Nursing at uni and just skimming the clinical practice ladders and adding up the total number of days of clinical placement, I've counted 185 days all together. So that would be 1480 hours over three years worth of in-hospital clinical placement. I haven't counted lab sessions or anything like that because that's not really clinical placement.
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    I did a total of 720 clinical hours for my 3 year RN degree.
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    I finished my training a hundred (well, seventeen) years ago, when it really was "training" so am no use to you at all, but this post on an unrelated thread suggests at least some Aus institutions provide more clinical hours than their US eqivalents.
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    By the end of my course I would have done around a thousand hours.