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My license will expire next yr. - june 2007 and im still here in philippines I still dont have an SNN... my agency said they can renew it even if im still here by june 2007. Im so afraid to lose my license and take agai NCLEX. By... Read More

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    And to clear up some mis-information that is listed above without having to go thru each and every post.

    There are states and territories that will grant a nursing license without the nurse having a Social Security Number, but to renew the license, it requires that the nurse have a SSN#. If a SSN#, is required to work there, then there will be a requirement of the SSN# to renew.

    Every single state in the US that issues the license without a SSN#, will need to see one before they will renew the license. Not one will do it without that magic number.

    Please do not trust the word of the agencies, most have very misguided and misleading information, especially out of the Philippines.

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    what if I just passed the nclex but im still here in phillippines and expiration date is 2yrs? can I renew it even if I dont work in US.
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    Quote from henryrnpunk
    what if I just passed the nclex but im still here in phillippines and expiration date is 2yrs? can I renew it even if I dont work in US.
    Depends on what the requirements are of the BON. Most require that you have a SSN# in order to renew. If you do not have one, then your license will become inactive until you have the SSN# and pay the fees to make it current.
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    thank you so much for the info....
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    Ms. Suzanne or anybody please help me to understand the letter send to me by Saipan BON....

    "Your license is valid until June 30, 2007. The Board will mail your application for renewal of license to the most current address in your file, not less than ninety (90) days before your license espires.

    In order to renew your license:

    1. You must complete thirty (30) hours of approved Continuing Education (C.E.) three (3) months prior to the expiration of yuor license period. Proof of 30 hours of C.E.U.'s must accompany the renewal application.

    2. The appropriate fee and recent 2"x2" photograph (taken within the last six months) must accompany the renewal application. Application form must also be signed and notorized.

    3. Please advised the Board's Office of any change(s) in your name, address, marital status, etc."

    My current situation is that I'm still here in the Philippines and haven't work in US, I still don't have an SSN, and most probably I'll still be here until my license expires... Is it possible that I can renew my license here in the Philippines even without an SSN??? need some advice pls... I don't want to take the NCLEX again!!!!.... Thanks!

    follow up - What is "Continuing Education"? thanks again...
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    help me to clarify pls.... thanks....
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    continuing education is education via seminars, workshops, conferences, presentations, online or home study articles, inservices, facility grand rounds, classes, college courses taken after receiving nursing license.

    many states have this requirement but not all. some require specific courses like infection control, aids, patient safety etc

    contact hour equivalencies
      • 1 ceu = 10 contact hours
      • 1 contact hour = 0.1 ceu
      • 1 contact hour = 50 minutes
      • 1 academic semester hour = 15 contact hours
      • 1 academic quarter hour = 12.5 contact hours
      • 1 cme = 60 minutes or 1.2 contact hours
      • 1 ama credit = 1.2 contact hours or 60 minutes
    since you are not in us, they can be obtained via internet or course sent in mail.

    free nursing ceu's - nursing for nurses
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    You do not need to take the NCLEX again, so do not worry about that.
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    thanks.. where should I notorized my application form? can I do it here in Phil?
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    hello! i would like to do a ff up regarding his query about the 30 hrs C.E. , is approved for the C.E.? and if i dont renew my saipan BON license what will happen? um, as uv said a while a go i will not take the nclex ever "again" even if i dont renew my license? i really dont wanna take it again

    and in my case, i applied for endorsement for Cali BON, & it is awaiting my SSN. my saipan BON will expire on june 2008. will i still need to renew it even if my cali endorsement is already pending for my ssn?

    thank you so much n hoping for you kind attention

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