help about placement fees for employment in abu dhabi

  1. Please help me, it will be my first time to go abroad and I applied as a nurse in Abu Dhabi, UAE through an agency. I already have my 2 yrs exp, passed HAAD exam, underwent my medical exam and provided all the pertinent papers asked by the recruitment firm. my dilemma now is this. I neither have my working visa nor my license, which they said will be only be processed after I give them the responding fees. the fees are divided to three parts: 20k after signing the offer letter, 20k after having my license and 25k after having my visa and ticket. Will I trust this? The fee is equal to my one month salary if I would be employed in UAE.

    Is there someone in here who had the same experience I am going through right now? What shall I do? What to do... What if I do not do it and it is true all along then I lost my chance of going abroad but Im so afraid and confused right now, pls help me. Thank you very much.

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    Are you insane? Why in the hell u want to go there?????????
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    Its important to realize that other people/nurses take actions different from our own. Its even more respectful to realize that!
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    I'm guessing that you are from the Philippines. If yes, have you checked with POEA if this agency is licensed with them and if they have approved job orders? Also, check with the UAE embassy as to what is the actual cost of the visa if it is for employment.

    It is quite expensive for me. 65k? Check they have lots of job opening for nurses there in UAE. You might want to try going to some of the agencies and require about their recruitment procedure and application fees. Compare it with your agency and then you decide.
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    @TraumaRU. Why we want to be nurses, RN's? Is not save lives? Starting here. If the nurse above is a girl, a women, with not much experince traveling abroad, spending all the money shae has. So the girl who I disrepected above should not travel alone. Not being dispectful, just protective.
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    is that in OPAS... better switch to agencies like Bayani or Abba..
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    Hello nurse leeia. What agency did you apply?pls reply. Hoping.
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    So they want $1,600 USD total.

    My gut just tells me this is way way too much money to pay, almost to a point of being a scam.

    Disclaimer I have very little knowledge on this, but it sure seems a lot of money to pay some one.

    Personally when I was placed at job, the company paid the recruiter or the company paid the fees, I am American and not in nursing profession.
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    Why are you guys bringing up this old thread that's over 4 years old??
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    This is too much. Look for another agency.