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FYI for Canadians who want to work in NY...

  1. 0 I am a Canadian nurse, educated in Canada with a BScN degree. 3 years ago I passed the nclex and got my visa screen. Didn't end up traveling at the time as the economy went down the toilet and there were very few jobs for travelers in California (where I had dreamed of going). In the mean time, met my husband and ended up never travel-nursing. Now we have moved to upstate NY for his job. I initially thought I was good to go, that it was a matter of applying for my NY nursing license. Was I ever WRONG!! It turns out that NY state has their own credential verification service, through CGFNS. You have to pay another $400 and wait months for anything to happen once you've jumped through all of their hoops all over again (signed, notarized application and numerous other forms). I applied back in October and it's now almost February and I am still waiting. I have been calling CGFNS on a weekly basis to make sure things are moving because I have been told many different things about my file. From a computer glitch and it being "stuck", and "don't worry we can courier the forms that haven't been sent to your university yet" to "I don't know who told you that about the computer, this is the normal amount of time it takes" to "we don't courier anything, I don't know who told you that". The people who are supposed to help you don't let you speak or listen to why you are calling in the first place. They are rude and condescending and just add to the frustration. For the amount of money I am paying, I would expect more efficient service and friendlier staff!

    What I really don't understand, is why on earth do we even have to go through this? I am pretty sure that our Canadian nursing educations and our work in Canadian health care is at an equivalent, if not superior standard to that of the US. Really, as far as I am concerned, it's a huge money-grab and the CGFNS has a complete monopoly.

    If you are planning to work in NY or any US state, do your research as the whole CGFNS is VERY time-consuming and there is no guarantee on how long things can take. They will quote 3-6 months, but there are absolute horror stories out there. Wish me luck...
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    Well, all I can say is you are not missing out on anything while you wait, if that helps at all. It's gonna be tough to find a job here in the US. Absoulutely thousands of us are unemployed nurses.
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    Ever tried moving between provinces at home? I have and it took time, alot of money, hoops to be jumped through, and teeth gritting. I was educated at one of the most intense PN Colleges with standards that exceed the education of PNs in the province that I moved to, yet was required to take an "upgrading course" for a skill that I wasn't permitted to use in my new province, at my own expense. Oh, and did I mention that the new province had the shortest educational period in the nation?

    Moving is never easy, just follow the rules.
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    I would agree with you Fiona. It took 3 months (and I consider myself fortunate) to have all my paperwork cleared in Ontario and AB, and three licenses later. I had to register and pay twice in Ontario, and hold registration for AB as well. I also had to request an endorsement form to be forwarded to AB. No matter where you work, there is a process. Hopefully, your NY license will soon be approved.
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    Thanks for the feedback, I'm sure everyone has to deal with this kind of BS whenever they move. However, the main point was that the CGFNS makes it difficult to actually get your nursing license as they are the ones who verify your credentials first. I just wish I'd had someone to tell me that NY required an additional credential verification service (on top of completing the process over 3 years ago for most of the other states). That and the CGFNS seems to be a poorly-functioning organization...

    Onaclearday, I am surprised to hear that there are so many unemployed nurses in the US. I have already spoken with the nurse recruiter at the hospital where I'd like to work and it doesn't seem like it will be a problem to get a job there. Provided all of my other paperwork eventually gets processed.
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    Does anyone know if it would be difficult transferring a RN liscence from Ontario to BC? Also, what are the best states in the US at this moment to get a job easily?
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    It shouldn't be too difficult, but the process is the same everywhere. You have to hold current registration in your home province first. You pay and apply to the province you want to work in. Ontario sends BC the letter of endorsement. BC gives you the license. It would probably take 3 to 4 months. I have a friend who holds a license for BC and Ontario also. Basically, at least initially, you have to hold a current license wherever your home province is. So, it always amounts to time and money.
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    There are many threads in the International forum discussing New York and CVS. They have required this process for several years and on average takes 6-8 months. Training may be similar in the US to Canada however you still have to meet their requirements in the same way a US nurse has to meet provincial requirements and cost is approx the same
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    Hi everyone, I found this thread and thought that I'd see if anyone would be able to help me out. I'm a nurse from Quebec heading to work in New York State. When I heard that the TN visa isn't actually a visa I thought it would be easier, apparently I was wrong. I applied through CGFNS for the NY state credidantial verification but now I'm seeing that to get across the border I need a VisaScreen from CGFNS as well, is that the same thing? I've found a job to hire me for July and now I'm nervous that I'll have to start up a new process for this VisaScreen! Hope someone can help! Thanks!
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    Visa screen is a requirement for foreign nurses requiring work/immigrant visa and you are the main applicant. They can use the same documents that you have already submitted and shouldn't take too long to get but you need to apply ASAP