CPNRE materials needed

  1. I need review materials/books/guide in preparation for the September 2012 exam. I have taken and passed the CGFNS and NCLEX exams a few years back but I understand how differend CRNE and CPNRE is from those exams. So, I won't take my chances and be lenient with my materials.

    I'm new here in Canada and I'm not familiar with what books/materials are good and effective and what's not. So, I was thinking where else can I better get answers and even the materials itself than with fellow nurses? So, with this thread, I hope I can get what I need with more reliable sources and hopefully, with cheaper rates.

    I wouldn't mind buying second hand review materials/books especially if they're the recent editions. please feel free to respond or PM me. Thank you!
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    Just remember that any arrangements made for exchanging second-hand resources for money MUST be accomplished in private in order to comply with our Terms of Service.
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    Moved to AN's Canadian Nurses forum for best chance input.
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    You can order a study guide with practice tests and also do an online predictor test on the CPNRE website Assessment Strategies Inc. - Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination

    I moved to Canada from the US, I used these resources to study for the CPNRE.
  6. by   jay_j
    hi itsmejuli!

    thanks.. i've been in that site a few times before. by the way, are you a practical nurse or a registered nurse in US?

    I'm not really sure what materials i should use that would best help me have an overview between the different roles of a RN na RPN here. I wouldn't want to make a mistake of making answers based on a RN responsibilities (which is my initiative with strategic ways of answering questions) when it's not applicable to a RPN. Or are they almost just the same? Do RPNs approach and deal with questions and scenarios differently from RN exams? I really have no clue how different the exam is with the US exam, and since this is my first time to take a non-RN exam, i don't really know what adjustments I should make with the approach to question.

    Is it okay to study and do practice questions with CRNE materials or is it safer to stick to PN materials? how about NCLEX Q&As too?
  7. by   itsmejuli
    I did my LPN training and was licensed in Florida before coming to Canada. I wrote the CPNRE in May of 2010 and studied from the CPNRE study guides and NCLEX review books. I had no difficulty writing and passing the CPNRE.

    If you are eligible to write the CPNRE then you should order the CPNRE materials and study from them. You will need to know the difference between LPN and RN roles in nursing in Canada.

    THere are plenty of existing threads on reviewing for the CPNRE.

    Good luck!!