Best Stethoscopes for Nurses / Nursing Students

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    Help me please.

    I just want to know what's the best stethoscope for nursing students.
    Please give me some advice and/or tips on how to choose the right stethoscope.
    I appreciate it so much if you could provide me with the prices and the place to buy it.
    Thank you so much.

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    there are so many different scopes out there it really depends on what you are using it for...if you are in school or on a gen med floor the littmann clasic is great it is light weight and the sound in good but if you are looking for and investment i personally have the littmann cardiology iii but i work in a very busy er it weighs a little more and costs more but the sound quality it fantastic. my cardiology iii scope was about 130$ and my clasisc littmann was $75 i think you can go online to google and type in what you want and it pops right up....gotta love the internet! i hope i have helped some bu tlike i say there are so many out there it really is preference you just dont want a heavy one because you are wearing around your neck all night and it can give you a stiff neck
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    I agree... Littman classic II is indeed handy and reliable. One of the best places to look for medical supplies is in Bambang. You can take the LRT and get off at Bambang station.. there are loads of medical supply stores there. I bought my Littman classic II stet in 2003 for P2600. So I guess it'll be around P3000 now :spin:
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    believe it or not, i use a disposable stethoscope. it's lighter and more sensitve than other stethoscopes out there. =-) i'd used a littman classic before but i kinda didn't like it because the lumen is very short and I have to stoop down when using it to patients (i'm 5'9").
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    Littman is still THE best stet to use.
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    littman but its quite expensive.
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    Littman classic II
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    Littman still for me is the best, though expensive yet very realiable

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    littmann will always be the best. durable though expensive. replacement ear tips for 500? sheesh!?! kidding aside. i had it for a good 6 years now.
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    bambang's bangketa re-conditioned stethoscope is the best for me

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