***Foreign student want to transfer studies to US***

  1. Hello, my name is Ana and I'm a brazilian nursing student.
    Here in Brazil the undergraduate course is 5 years long (BSN in US). I'm in the middle now...
    Anyone who can give me any advice what's better to do? Finish my graduation in US or finish here in Brazil and then do a Masters later in US?
    In case of finishing my studies in US (that I have already started here in Brazil, about 50%), that's possible use my classes in the US curriculum?
    Classes like anatomy 1 and 2, fisiology, biochemistry, parasitology, epidemiology, immunology, cell biology, microbiology, genetics, histology and embryology, statistics, pathology, semiotics and semiology 1,2 and 3, pharmacology and some others... Until now only A's, thanks God!
    I'd like to work in US after my graduation and I don't know what way is better to get in touch with sponsor's to get my visa/green card.
    Any advice will be very helpfull!
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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    Sorry to inform you,there is a long wait to get a visa to come to the USA and no one is sponsoring nurses since there is no need.
  4. by   anasbardelotto
    Quote from Ginger's Mom
    Sorry to inform you,there is a long wait to get a visa to come to the USA and no one is sponsoring nurses since there is no need.
    About the visa is the easy part, lines always exist here in Brazil to get any kind of US visa, but about to sponsors I know that is not easy, but is not impossible!
    I think that dreams can be true and I'm aware that will be a looooong way.
    I believe in God and He knows what is best for me, what He opens nobody can closes!!!!
    I'm doing my part, studing a LOT and getting great grades, the rest only the future will show...
    But thanks anyway!
  5. by   steppybay
    As an international student myself, if you can do your education in the States, you're way better off doing it that way! The current hiring process in the States is going to the US educated students and nurses first and mostly to them.

    Hospital sponsorships have gone like the wind as what USA hospital today will wait 6 years minimum to hire any foreign nurses and would you want to wait 6 years? I would suggest searching under "retrogression" here, you'll find out more information on what that means to any foreign nurse.

    If you read some of the topics on this, there are many international nurses who have waited 6 years some less recently, but guess what happened to their sponsorship?

    The hospitals here either abandoned and or cancelled their paperwork (and I'm sure whatever contracts that were signed allowed them to do without any penailties or financial compensation, hospital's have very good lawyers) or simply didn't renew them and let them expire and i'm sure again all very legal to do so.

    With the big unemployment rate of even the USA grads and nurses, there's no need to go thru the hassles and long term waiting of offering any more sponsonship, it's not only needed any more, but why tie up a hospital's budget and staffing to wait years for one person when they need to hire someone just as qualified if not more that can start work in 2 weeks or a month, not years.
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  6. by   anasbardelotto
    Thanks steppybay, I will think about it! But do you know if I can use my classes from Brazil in US schools???
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Only way really is to discuss with the schools you are planning on going to. They may accept there again they may not in the same way not all US credits are transferable between states and/or schools
  8. by   caroladybelle
    The best thing to do is to check with the school that you wish to attend.

    Nursing courses are not uniform across the US, and from school to school. Even US students often find that many of their classes will not transfer from one school to another. It would be up to the individual school what/how much it will transfer.

    There are few to no sponsorships for foreign nurses. As there is a great oversupply of US trained RNs unable to find jobs, most facilities cannot get permits to sponsor more nurses to come over, unless they are very specialized. New nurses do not qualify as specialized nurses.
  9. by   anasbardelotto
    I'm really trying to understand what's going on in US, but I'm really confused!!!!
    Check some pieces of this article from CHRON.com, to see the whole thing go to:

    Texas far behind in recruiting nurses, doctors - Houston Chronicle

    Texas far behind in recruiting nurses, doctors
    Health care providers scrambling to find more nurses are calling Novak, a vice dean at the School of Nursing, asking to hire recent graduates or even partner with current students so they can work part-time while finishing their classes.
    "We could probably double or triple our size and still not meet the demand," Novak said.

    A financial struggle
    The solution to the shortage is to produce more nurses and doctors, but educators are struggling financially to graduate enough students to meet the demand.
    According to a Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies report, there were 10,228 graduates of prelicensure Texas RN programs in the 2010-2011 academic year. That number will need to increase to 17,777 to meet demand by 2015, and will need to more than double by 2020, the report said.
    But holding back the growth is a lack of faculty. Novak said it's difficult to bring in nursing faculty because there is a demand for them all over the country, and many prefer to continue practicing.

    Can anyone explain it??????????????

    May I see a Light at the end of the tunnel???

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  10. by   steppybay
    Interesting article....I would post up in the Texas nursing forum and see what the new grads think of this. They would have a better grasp of the situation than most of the readers in this section. Those guys are on the actual "front line".
  11. by   Sam_Nurse
    cell biology
    From all these –‘ology’s’ I am only familiar with microbiology from my ADN and BSN program.
  12. by   Ana Claudia
    I am also a Brazilian RN and just got my license here in Florida. Send me an email, I can give you some ideas :-)