Walgreens Home Infusion

  1. 0 Hello all, I am VERY interested in home infusion! I was trying to research the above company...does anyone have any info on them? Anything will help. Is it a good company to work for/with? How is pay (range) and benefits? etc. I currently work per diem for Home Solutions... I would like to compare.

    Thank you in advance.
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    I work PD for Walgreens. What would you like to know?
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    Hi, I wanted to know more about the f/t position... Like rate of pay (or range is fine), if the benefits are good, do they offer tuition reimbursement (how soon/how much) and do their full timers get provided with cars and gas cards and ezpass. I know that full timers get the last 3 items with a company I work per-diem for....
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    Hi, did you find anymore about working for Walgreens? I was considering a per-diem position in North Carolina. Any info would be helpful.
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    I don't know about working for them but they are, by far, my least favorite infusion pharmacy to work WITH on cases.
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    I work for Walgreens infusion and they are a great company to work for. I had to take around $5 pay cut/hr from the hospital but it is totally worth it. if you like home health and do not mind driving all day long it might be for you.

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