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  1. calmcool1

    Walgreens Home Infusion

    Hi, did you find anymore about working for Walgreens? I was considering a per-diem position in North Carolina. Any info would be helpful. Thanks
  2. calmcool1

    Independent Nursing

    Has anyone heard of any independent nursing opportunities for home health care? I'm a RN and just recently moved to Raleigh from Ohio. I was working as a independent home health provider for Medicaid waiver patients in Toledo, OH. I was wondering if there was a similar program in NC. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks
  3. calmcool1

    Home Health Pay in Raleigh, NC

    Can you refer me to any good agencies in Raleigh?
  4. calmcool1

    where to rent in Durham?

    I also am relocating to Durham for a travel assignment at Duke. I need a short-term rental. A duplex or condo would be perfect. Have any ideas?
  5. calmcool1

    Duke Hospital Durham, NC...PBDS?

    I am thinking of accepting a travel assignment at Duke Hospital in Durham, NC. Does anyone know if they require you to pass the PBDS test before starting? If so, what's it like?
  6. calmcool1

    LPN's travel nurse

    Try www.rnnetwork.com
  7. calmcool1

    ohio state independent provider pay

    You submit your claims and get paid weekly.
  8. calmcool1

    Caring for Jehovah's witnesses

    We should respect every patients rights no matter if it's life or death situation, religion, culture or whatever. It's our duty as advocates to uphold thier rights.
  9. calmcool1

    whats less stress.... pacu or OR?

    Iv'e worked in both and I would have to say PACU.
  10. Maybe you should take a refresher course first before trying again.
  11. calmcool1

    I did it!!!

    Congratulations!! I remember that feeling!
  12. I try not to because it seems to makes the staff uneasy.
  13. calmcool1

    Calling out the pts name in the waiting room...HIPAA?

    Yes, I believe it is. I work in PACU and when we are ready for family to come see the patient we call out the patients name. There has to be a more private way to do this.
  14. calmcool1

    So, what happened to all the nursing jobs?

    I live in Ohio and the nursing jobs are very scarce. I'm a independent provider now. Have you considered becoming independent?
  15. calmcool1

    Travel Nursing Companies

    Any travel nurses working in Dallas in PACU? What's the pay like?