National Normal Saline Shortage

  1. Looking for possible sources to order 0.9% NS, esp. 100 ml bags. I work for a small, private rheumatology practice and I order my own supplies but neither McKesson, Henry Schein or Besse Medical have any nor do they have any idea when they will get more. I have enough for next weeks patients, but that's it. Our local hospital's inpatient pharmacy has helped us out in past national shortages, but even they are down to 2 cases of the 100 ml bags! This is an inexcusable national crisis! The manufacturers cite production issues and increased demand. They have been using the same excuse for 3+ years now. Makes one wonder if its collusion to drive up prices! Seriously folks...its salt water!
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  3. by   lhflanurseNP
    Started with Sterile Water then Lactated Ringers, now Normal Saline! If you don't want to freak out too much...consider Vet supply places! Many still have supplies. I just ordered 24-250cc bags from the vet who works in the same complex.