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Hi to all, I learned about this program while searching online however I have only been given very vague information and would love to here about the program from those who have attended, plan to... Read More

  1. by   trepeace
    Tell me more please!? What were the four exams like?
  2. by   TovaLPN2B
    How long did it take to finish
  3. by   sharonsocute
    Hi how long did it take you to complete phase 3
  4. by   1soon2brn
    Hi have you completed this program yet? If so can you give your overall experience? Im from Texas and im considering this program.
  5. by   Joebird21
    Yeah I'm just trying to figure out how long it takes if all pretty reqs are done? Can you only take 2 nursing courses at a time?
  6. by   mitczak
    New admission process and criteria in effect - check LPN-BS track - BS | College of Health and Human Services
  7. by   catscheesy
    That makes me feel a whole lot more at ease. Thank you so much for posting your experience so far being in the ISU nursing program. Good luck to you and KEEP IT UP!
  8. by   Sweet&Petite, RN
    I just graduated from ISU's LPN to BS program. I started this journey Fall 2012 and graduated Summer 2015. I took 1-2 classes at a time due to working while in the program. It was very tough but doable with the proper commitment and dedication. Overall, I really enjoyed ISU. The admission process was smooth. Most of the instructors were very academically supportive. They respond to emails and calls within 1-2 days. The financial aid department answers the phone if you call. I used federal student aid, loans, grants etc., and had no problems. I was originally concerned about the financial aid department because I was an out of state student which meant high cost. I didn't want to receive any sketchy bills like I've read about online with some other schools. No shaddy business with the financial aid department.

    The most challenging thing is finding preceptors and clinical sites. The school gives you a list but you still must do the legwork and make arrangements. Ex. (reaching out to the DON, Nursing educator) Many facilities are not used to a nursing student being on the unit without a clinical instructor as it presents a liability issue. ISU does require you have nursing insurance and one of the facilities requested I up my limits in order to use there facility. Therefore, they are sometimes hesitant to approve the arrangement. My best advice is to present yourself professionally and have all your clinical paperwork together.

    In you live in the Hampton Roads/ Eastern Virginia area, Sentara facilities were more than helpful in arranging clinical. It is much easier to find a BSN preceptor with 3+ years of experience with Sentara because they require all new grads and current employees to obtain a BSN. I even did some of my clinical rotations on night shift and on the weekend since I was a working LPN.

    So far as the program, it is very time consuming. I literally spent 4-6 hours daily during the week. Sometimes I would spend all day Sat and Sun working on assignments. They require you to take proctored test, take timed quizzes, make postings on blackboard, participate in online discussions, write evidenced based practice papers, participate in group projects, and NCLEX prep. This program is very parallel to a brick in mortar school. Do not think because the program is online that it is the easy way out. It is not!

    I started out working full-time as an LPN but towards the last two semesters I had to stop working. I am glad I did. The last semester is intense NCLEX preparation with hundreds of questions daily. It all worked out for me because I passed the NCLEX-RN first time with bare minimum questions and many of my classmates did too.

    Overall, I highly recommend ISU's LPN to BS program. I had a great experience.