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Hi to all, I learned about this program while searching online however I have only been given very vague information and would love to here about the program from those who have attended, plan to... Read More

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    Lpntorn2be I would love to chat more with you but I am new so I can't PM yet. Can you contact me... awalge hotmail thanks

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    I am looking into this program and would love to know more, thanks so much
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    I did the LPN-BSN program at ISU in 2005. I was living in Chicago at the time and for the most part, it was good. I loved my instructors (and keep in touch with many of them today).
    The only issue I had was trying to find my own clinical space in Chicago. It was near impossible!
    I ended up driving to Michigan to a hospital where I once worked. They let me do my clinicals there and I just stayed with my parents. For my Mental Health, I drove to ISU and they let me stay in the dorms. I completed my Mental Health there with an ISU instructor. I would absolutely recommend ISU to anyone.
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    Quote from adnerbe1
    I am a recent graduate (2012) of the LPN-BSN program at ISU. I have nothing but praise for the program. I am from Wisconsin! I have no idea what happened in California. You must be a well organized, self-sufficient person to be able to articipate and graduate from a program such as this. You find your own preceptors and clinical sites. Perhaps because I had been an LPN for 20 years afforded me the experience necessary to do well in a program such as this. Once again...I have nothing but praise for ISU's LPN-BSN Program!
    How long did it take u to complete the program...pre reqs in all? I'm in the same situation...I took an accelerated LPN class so I have no pre reqs.
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    Hi Allnaturalnurse, just let me know what you need to know. My email is I don't always check allnurses website but I do check my email everyday. My overall experience with the school and the nursing department has been wonderful. The classes are easy to follow on blackboard. If you study and do the work, you will get a good grade. It is the student's responsible to stay on top of assignments but they do reach out to the students if something is missing or late. When I email my instructors, they get back to me usually the same day. I never get the run around. When I call the school (Admission, Financial aid, nursing dept), I always get a person on the line. If I don't get someone and leave a message, someone calls me back within 24-48 hours. Financial aid has been very helpful and as long as you submit your fafsa and submit your required documents, you wont have any problems. The bottom line is....What you put in, is what you get out? Online programs obviously have its challenges. You have to be a well rounded individual. I manage to balance school, work full time (40 hrs), being a wife, and being a mother. Your dedication and commitment is what will get you to the finish line. It is hard work finding preceptors/clinical sites but I have remained committed. I send numerous email and made numerous calls. In the end, I earned what I worked hard for. The key is to look for preceptors in advance. You may get a lot of no's but there is always going to be that one facility that says yes. The school will give you a list of places that have contracts already in place and I only used facilities from the list. That has worked very well for me so far. I am very pleased with my decision to attend ISU LPN to BSN program.
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    Tell me more please!? What were the four exams like?
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    How long did it take to finish
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    Hi how long did it take you to complete phase 3

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