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I'm looking into this program and trying to determine the pros and cons. I know there are other threads on hear, but they all look to be several years old and I'm looking for current info. Does... Read More

  1. by   Sweet&Petite, RN

    I live in the Hampton Roads Virginia area. I am in ISU Phase 2 and have taken 3 out of the 4 challenge exams. I have Peds left which I heard was the hardest and I plan to take it in about 3 weeks. My goal is to make the June 1st deadline in order to start Fall 2013. I would love to network with any other nurses planning to start around the same time. I have had a great experience with ISU so far. I have taken all of the general education requirements at local community colleges and universities. I didnt have any problem with any of my classes tranferring in. I am currently enrolled in 2 non nursing classes at ISU and took 2 non nursing classes with them last semester. My online instructors have been awesome. I work full time so I plan on only doing 2-3 classes a semester to not get overwhelmed. It should take me approximately 5 semesters to be done. Im in no rush because I have a really decent job with good hours in OB/GYN.

    In regards to the college network, I have only purchase one study guide from them because I was forced to after failing the first attempt at Challenge exam (med-surg). I had to purchase the module which was exactly like the book I purchased off of ebay. I purchased all 4 study guides from ebay for about $140.00. I think the college network is a total rip off. I highly advise people to be wary of them.

    I will keep everyone posted on my admission status and how the program goes. Good luck to all!
  2. by   805FutrNurse
    I too am thinking of attending ISU for the LVN-BS Program. I am a current LVN student at Career Care Institute in Southern California. I'm gonna be 23 this year and I have a 5 year old so I think that the online courses would benefit me and my situation a lot better than having to make arrangements for a sitter so I can attend classes. I am a little iffy about the whole ISU Program though. I most definitely want my BS Degree so I am not really looking into Excelsior College for the LVN-RN Program. Any ideas??
  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Excelsior isn't accepted in California. Check with CABRN as for a time ISU was not acceptable in CA, I've heard that they are cleared to accept CA students again but only in the LA area. Check first as CA has not accepted ISU's LVN to BSN program for almost a year now due to issues with following CA regulations with concurrency of clinical and theory.
  4. by   Theone40
    I called the CABRN and the person I spoke with said she had not heard anything about ISU starting again in CA . She transferred me over to a sup to leave a msg to call back with a definite yes or no.. I'm curious if anyone has actually received info from the board or ISU that the program is actually going to start ?
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Honestly it was a post on either ISU or TCZn that claimed approval to restart in CA if clinical rotation were at a VA hospital. But I would stick with info from CABRN as that is who issues the RN license.
  6. by   kenjay11
    how are things going with this program? im thinking about starting but wanted to get information from a real person. Thanks
  7. by   bettyp2k8
    Hello did you complete this program and how long is it? thanks
  8. by   bettyp2k8
    I'm interested in this program. Any info would be greatly appreciated. LPN in Florida.
  9. by   KDCRNBSN
    Awesome program. I completed the program, and passed NCLEX first attempt. I did not use the college network. Any course not offered online at ISU I took online at a local community college via dual enrollment. May sound complex, but was a simple process.
  10. by   sharonsocute
    How long did it take you to complete phase 3 this seems to be a question that nobody will answer. I know phase 1 and 2 depends on the student but phase 3 is not. And what materials did you study for to pass the four challenge exams?
  11. by   sharonsocute
    How long is phase 3 to complete? I can't seem to find this answer anywhere. Please help me make my decision in attending this program by giving me some insight.
  12. by   KDCRNBSN
    I requested the syllabi for the on campus equivalents of the challenge exams. I bought the required texts from the syllabus, and studied the texts according to the plan outlined in the syllabus. Then used the online resources that accompanied the texts (i,e, quizzes, case studies, etc.) to evaluate my comprehension. This method worked well me.
  13. by   KDCRNBSN
    Phase 3 depends on how many courses you take each semester if you are fulltime versus part time... ISU uses a standard 16 week semester. Also the nursing courses must be taken in sequence. The ISU website will tell you what NUR courses can be taken concurrently. NUR classes are offered during the summer. Sorry, I can not offer you an exact time because there are many variables that determine the length of phase 3

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