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Purdue Calumet online BSN

  1. 0 Anybody in this program and if so can you give a little info on the program pros and cons and how do you like it and how 'doable' it is
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    I am also interested in hearing more about this program as well. woodsyny - have you applied there?
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    Yes I have and was accepted but really want some input before I commit
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    Weird. I was just looking into their MSN program before I read your thread!

    Bumping this.
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    Can anyone give me some input regarding Purdue's RN-BSN program??? I have been accepted too but also want more information before I commit.
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    Did you end up going to the Purdue Calumet program??? If so how is it.
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    What other programs have you checked out?
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    I am currently in Purdue's RN to BS program. I'm about halfway into it. Its 15 months long, with 5 week courses. You get one week off between courses.

    I like that everything is online. Basically each class you have to do discussion boards each week, and write a paper or two. Its not too bad.

    If you're good at writing papers, it should be easier for you. I hate writing so the writing assignments take up more of my time.

    Its 325 a credit hour... Overall about 12-13 thousand... Depending on how many non-nursing courses you need
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    Hi I am just starting the online BSN program in Purdue Calumet, I have some questions about the classes, unfortunately I can't pm you :-(

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