Online CHEM101/BIOL201 - Summer

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    I am wanting to take CHEM 101 & Microbiology 201 online.
    (These will be my last 2 pre-req/gen ed classes)

    Which of the two do you all recommend taking over the summer?

    I read that you need to go to Terre Haute for 1 lab in BIOL 201...That is close to a 2-1/2 hour drive for me, so I was leaning toward taking it in the summer since road conditions wouldn't be an issue.

    ANY & ALL advice is appreciated!! Is biology easier after taking chemistry? Do you believe both of these classes would be too tough to take in an 8-week session?

    Thank you so much for any and all feedback given!!!! :bowingpur

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    I am taking Chem 101 online through SB this semester. It has been pretty easy. There is a lot of math involved & I love math though. I also like the online labs better because not as many things can go wrong as with a real life lab. Also, everything is online. You don't have to drive anywhere to take the quizzes, but they are timed. There is a quiz every week but no tests.

    Since you want to take one of these courses over the summer, I would first evaluate how much time you will be able to devote to the course. The material won't be any harder, but it will be faster paced with more assignment deadlines and such.

    I am taking microbiology in person this semester, and I do not think taking chemistry first would make it any easier. There was only one chapter of chemistry at the beginning, and it was basic. The book explained everything you needed to know pretty well, IMO.

    Good luck!
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    I'm going to take Chem 101 online next fall probably. Not sure about Micro. What is the difference between Bio 201 and Bio 211 (other than 4 cr. vs. 3 cr). Is one more recommended than the other? (since either will count for nursing co-reqs).
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    I could be wrong but I believe the 4 credit one will transfer to iupui and the 3 credit one does not or something like that?
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    i looked at the iupuc site and found a "transferability list" of ivy tech courses. i hope it helps a little with your question....

    it states, bio
    general microbiology


    fall 2002


    microbiology i


    spring 1998


    microbiology ii


    spring 1998


    bio 211 & bio 212 do not fulfill the microbiology requirement for entry into the iu school of nursing generic bsn program. effective fall 1999, bio 211 & bio 212 fulfill the microbiology requirement for rns who completed the asn program and wish to enroll in the rn-bsn mobility option.
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    So I guess whether you take the 3 cr. or 4 cr Micro, might depend on if you think you might go on for a BSN someday. I looked at Ball State's website for RN(ASN) to BSN program, and they say you need "Microbiology 3 cr." but doesn't specify which course would transfer. I suppose I would have to call them to make sure.
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    I am taking chem 101 over summer. Taking Micro now...not too bad.
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    I'm taking both Chem 101 and Micro (both online) this summer. I emailed the Micro prof and she told me that there is one Saturday (all day) session in TH where all the labs are completed; other labs are done on computer simulations or "using items you would normally have in your household". Also, there are five lab write-ups to complete for a grade and all exams are proctored at the campus of your choice. I don't have any additional info about Chem. Hope that helps!
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    Well I signed up for CHEM 101 online for the summer, Melissa I got Wolfe but its a different CIN # but same campus and everything. We shall see how it goes, but I am kind of afraid since I didn't do too well in chem/phys in high school.
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    Might keep checking if you want to be in the same section, I'm sure people will drop and spaces will open up during registration. At least you got the same teacher!

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