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I would like to start a new thread on this for comparison. The last one was started 3-4 years ago. AREA: Northern IN FIELD: Long Term Care NATURE OF JOB: PRN - RN BASE RATE: $18.99/hr SHIFT... Read More

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    Community starts there LPNs off at $14.35 if ur meaning the hospital

    But at least they still hire LPNs regularly

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    North-East Indiana
    Brand New RN in LTC, $19-$21/hr
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    Where I work they hire RNs at $30 an hour. It's LTC.
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    NE Indiana hospital
    Base rate RN no hospital experience 18.16

    1.61 differential for evenings, and then plus that for nights
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    AREA: Northern IN
    FIELD: Progressive Care
    BASE RATE: $26/hr
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    Lower North East.
    Started at 15/hr
    Now I make 15.45/hr after about a year
    Paid holidays off or double time if worked.
    Time 1/2 over time.
    Vacation days, but no sick days.
    I work in assisted living.
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    Oh thats for LPN pay btw
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    Correction to Radnurse's post - LPNs in the community health Indianapolis (CHI), which includes south, east, and north, start off at $14.35/hr as of last year with no past hospital LPN experience. (Westview and Anderson are on different pay rolls)

    RN's start off at $22.50 base (without previous hospital RN experience).
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    oh, lol, i already responded once to this thread... well, now this makes three.
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    Starting rate: LPNS- $16.50/hr (working 12 hour shifts, the first 8 are 16.50 and the last 4 hours are time & a half, so $24.75) but no overtime because of that.
    Holidays are time & a half for the full 12 hrs.
    If they call you in, they always pay time & a half or double time
    I work in a nursing home on a skilled nursing hall.
    I believe the RN's start out at $24.50/hr

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