1. Right now I'm pre-nursing at Ivy Tech in Ft. Wayne how ever I am very strapped for cash and all I qualify for are loans and I don't want to take out a loan until I M in the program and thats not a definite thing right now. How ever I go to med tech and ill be in the program if I score high enough on the TEAS and that I wouldn't mind taking out a loan if I was guaranteed a spot. But can I go from there to a university to get my BSN or MSN with out starting completely over. Say going from med tech to IPFW
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    You would have to ask IPFW. Medtech is a private school. Can you get into their RN-BSN program? probably. Will your credits transfer to IPFW? maybe, maybe not. If there are any pre-reqs classes for the RN-BSN that you have taken for your RN degree you need to call IPFW school of nursing and ask if Medtech's credits would transfer. If you got your RN at Ivy Tech then your credits would transfer because both IPFW and Ivy Tech are state schools.

    If I were you, I would go with Ivy Tech. Medtech's NCLEX pass rate for Fort Wayne was 29% (9/31) for 2011 and 64.4% (29/45) for 2012. Ivy Tech Fort Wayne was 82.22% (111/135) for 2011 and 94.8% (91/96) for 2012. A school isn't worth much if they don't prepare you for the NCLEX. In addition, MedTech has only a conditional accreditation from Indiana BON. I am not sure why they are only conditional, but if there is a problem with the school and Indiana BON pulls their accreditation before you graduate then you have a problem.
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    ^^ EVERYTHING that he said ^^
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