Are there any Illinois hospitals I should avoid?

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    Please PM me if you don't feel comfy posting. I am mainly looking in the Chicago area, and possibly Central Illinois.

    I'm PO'd at NWMH. I had an interview with them that which I thought was WONDERFUL. After the interview the Hiring Manager told me that she is going to have HR call me in a couple days. I toook it as the Hiring Manager liked me, and she really seemed to during the interview. A week went by and I got no call, so I called the HR dept to follow up, and I got the "She is still interviewing for the position and hasn't made a decision yet" line. Ok. Another week went by and I got the letter form the Hiring Manager stating that after she looked at her staffs schedules, and made a few tweaks to the schedule, she is no longer hiring for that RN position...and then thanked me for my time. That's real organized. If it's the truth.

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    Sorry for your bad experience. As a former nurse manager, I find it deplorable that managers and human resource people jerk candidates around like this.

    I usually recommend Rush, Northwestern and Children's Memorial to RNs interested in Chicago-area hospitals. Edward's in Naperville, Rush-Copley in Aurora, and Northwest Community Healthcare in Arlington Heights also have good reputations. I would personally avoid Provena Health facilities.

    Good luck!
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    You know, I submitted my online resume to rush in septemebr for several different openings and haven't ever been called for an interview. I have followed up with the recruiter, and she told me that everything has been sent to the appropriate people, but none of them have gotten back to her about wanting to interview me . Igraduated in August as a RN, but I have 5 years of LPN experience.

    Any opinions on Mercy or Loyola?
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    Which Mercy?

    It's been awhile since I've talked to anyone working at Loyola, so I don't really know what to tell you about current conditions there.
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    Hey... I work for a Provena... what's wrong with them? No, really... I want to know...
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    Quote from mediatix88
    Hey... I work for a Provena... what's wrong with them? No, really... I want to know...

    It is just my personal opinion, based on a number of negative experiences as a member of the community, a patient, a mother seeking emergency care for her daughters, and a family member with POA for an elderly relative. I have had experiences with a number of Provena facilities over the last several years that have been uniformly unsatisfactory. Problems have ranged from inappropriate treatment, to unprofessional conduct, to inaccurate billing. My experiences have led me to conclude that Provena is an organization unworthy of my trust. I have informed my husband that barring an immediately life- or limb-threatening injury, we will not use any Provena facility for our healthcare needs.

    I don't doubt that there are a number of gifted and dedicated employees within this organization, and that some facilities are probably better managed than others. For your sake, I hope that is the case! But I'm no longer willing to accept the poor quality that I've encountered thus far.

    I don't know how long you have worked there, or in what capacity, but you may find it interesting to read of Provena's negotiations with nurses at St. Joe's in Joliet. Google Suburban Chicago News and look up the Herald News articles. It may be eye-opening for you.

    Good luck!
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    unlike jolie...i like provena. i would avoid siver cross like the plague, though. just mho.

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    What about Palos? The administrator is a pretty good guy, I sort of grew up with him. I know he'd like to get the nursing department staffed well. He keeps trying to recruit way, cause I won't move back, been gone too long. Had my son there 24 yrs ago..I thought it was a pretty good hospital.
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    In central IL, OSF and Methodist are both good with OSF being a level one trauma center.
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    Does anyone know about the University of Chicago Hospitals, specifically for a new grad? Thanks in advance.

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