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I have a 1:1 interview with Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago for a summer extern program. I went through the HR phone interview, but am now flying to Chicago to interview with the unit... Read More

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    Awesome! I will def. email you. I am actually not from Illinois! So I guess both of us can be excited to live in the city.
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    Ok good deal! I actually do live in the city, I just go to school in Indiana. I know, weird. I'll explain in email
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    Hey! I'll email you right now! Aha
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    Hey everyone!
    I know this is an old thread, but has anyone been accepted to the 2013 internship? I am an intern on the MICU this summer! I am looking for roommates to find an apartment with, as I am from California! Let me know! Thanks
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    Hey! I am going to the in person interview tomorrow! Any advice on what to expect??

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    Hi! I apologize because I know this is a very old post, but I am curious about the internship you did at the Children's Memorial. Is this now Luries Hospital? Also, did you apply to any other hospitals in Chicago for nursing internships? I'd appreciate any advice
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    How long after the 1:1 interview did it take to hear back with the offer?
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    I know this is years later, but I was wondering if you know when they posted the jobs on their website. I can't seem to find it anywhere and it's already December.
    Thank you!