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  1. I recently applied to NMH. I noticed when I applied, the only attachment included was my resume. For some reason it did not attach my cover letter and reference letters that I have attached in my online profile. Anyone know if there is anyway to include it in my application that was already submitted? or is it stuck the way it is... I also noticed that the status of my application said "Not in Consideration". I just applied yesterday would they really have already weeded me out? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   tentay87
    I checked my application status and it said "not in consideration." I applied last weekend.... I received an e-mail today saying that they reviewed my application and will contact me by phone if they want to request an interview.
  4. by   kujomonster
    Ohh ok. Well I was just concerned because not all of my files attached to my application. I had a cover letter and three reference letters and the only thing attached was my resume. Oh well!
  5. by   netglow
    Pretty much they don't care about the "extras".

    "Not considered" means you are not being considered. New graduate programs are often already filled for the most part prior to posting. You'll find this out the more networking you do. Some programs will take a few from the outside, but generally speaking, the seats are already spoken for by direct relatives of staff, and very highly connected people. There is a need to appear to be an EOE, that is why there might be an open house for new grads, or, a posting welcoming people to apply. Not much hope there, but it still is percieved by the employer as a proof of EOE, and a chance to market the facility.
  6. by   kujomonster
    I was actually referred by an employee. I didnt realize they even had a specific new grad program there is no info about it.
  7. by   tentay87
    The students from my graduating class who interned there last summer were told that they were 'welcome to apply' but there was no guaranteed job. One of the girls is waiting for a job to open up in the unit where she interned last summer. The nurse manager of the unit said that she wants to hire her but there is just no open position as of right now.
  8. by   kujomonster
    I understand that. I just wanted to know if I did something wrong when I applied. Not all of the files I uploaded attached to my application. I just wanted to know if anyone else applied had the same problem, or if they only look at resumes. I dont think it is ever a good idea to send a resume without a cover letter. not very professional so I was concerned.
  9. by   kujomonster
    Fixed it! I did not check off all of my documents which is why they were not included in my app. Thanks for the "positive" support!
  10. by   Bells23
    Make sure you have your license already. NMH won't consider any applicants without it. If you applied without it, create a new account and reapply when your an RN.
  11. by   CCRNDiva
    Quote from Bells23
    Make sure you have your license already. NMH won't consider any applicants without it. If you applied without it, create a new account and reapply when your an RN.
    Does that rule apply even if you're an RN with experience? I live in IN but I don't have my IL license yet, but I'm working on it. I submitted my resume online but I haven't had any nibbles yet. I wondered if they were on some kind of hiring freeze like many other hospitals in this economy.
  12. by   netglow
    Yes, you must be already licensed in Illinois.

    Northwestern just had a merger with Lake Forest Hospital (little hospital what would have gone under). Northwestern is a major facility known across the nation, and this would be one of the most competitive hospitals to try to work at. Their website tends to have some old moldy job postings. Not only do you have to know someone, you really have to know someone.
  13. by   gummi bear
    The same thing happened to me! lol. My attachments just wouldn't attach. And they sent me an email and said that I wasn't being considered and yet they called me in for an interview. I just handed in my cover letter at the interview. Hopefully I get the job
  14. by   CCRNDiva
    Good luck on your interview!

    I have my IL nursing license now but their system will not let me update my profile to change my response to yes, I have my license. It will not let me reapply to the job since I applied before. I've updated my resume on the site but when I look at it from the posting it still has my old resume. Arrgh! I tried calling HR but they were not much help. Maybe I'll try creating a new account as suggested above.

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